USM Boston: Unity Through Reparations!

USM Boston’s 4th episode of “White Solidarity with Black Power”, filmed and aired at Somerville Community Access Television. This week’s episode is an interview with comrade KC Mackey about her recent visit to St. Petersburg, FL to work on the Uhuru Movement’s campaigns to elect Eritha Akile Cainion for District 6 City Council, and Jesse Nevel for Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida. Both candidates are running on a joint platform of reparations and economic development to the black community, black community control of the police, worker’s power, an end to gentrification, big money out of politics, and Justice for the Three Drowned Black Girls – 3DBG. Akile is a 20 year old powerful leader who is from the heart of the black community, having spent her whole life in St Pete fighting for the people, and is Chair of the Three Drowned Black Girls Committee. Jesse Nevel, 27, is National Chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and has spent the last decade of his life working under the leadership of the African working class to build a movement of white reparations to African people.

KC talks about going door-to-door with the candidates, attending debates, and seeing the incredible community that the Black Power 96 FM Radio station has fostered in St Pete.
A recent development in these elections is violence being threatened against the Uhuru Movement and the entire Black community of St Pete. The Chair of Pinellas County Democratic Party, Susan McGrath, has labeled the Uhuru Movement “domestic terrorists” for standing up for the democratic rights of the black community. Akile’s City Council opponent, James Jackson, has said that the actions of the Uhuru Movement might get them bombed like MOVE– a similar Black working class movement for Black power and independence, whose base was brutally bombed by the US Government in Philadelphia in 1981. To call for violence and murder againsthe black community when violence and murder againsthe black community is already rampant is incredibly dangerous and a form of terrorism itself.

To quote Black Power 96.3 Station Manager, comrade Diakiesse: “The South side St. Pete community is facing actual LIFE OR DEATH! WE WILL NOT SIT IDLY AS WAR IS BEING WAGED UPON THE AFRICAN COMMUNITY! WHITE POWER MUST BE VANQUISHED BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY… WE ARE WINNING!”

Please donate to these campaigns at and! UHURU!

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  • This information being disseminated is quite significant. It is my hope and wish that the far left not allow minor or insignificant differences divide us to the point that our effectiveness is severely compromised. Much love and respect,
    Power to the People!

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