USM Launches New Reparations Challenge Website!

A message from comrade KC Mackey, the Economic Development and Reparations Chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement: 

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement is launching a new website-– for one of our biggest campaigns, the Reparations Challenge. USM is the organization of white people under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party raising white reparations to African people and in solidarity with oppressed people everywhere. We raise reparations for Black Star Industries, the economic foundation of the African Liberation Movement, building a liberated African economy controlled by the African working class. We do this in several ways: we recruit white people to be members of our organization, which means financially sustaining Black Star Industries, from $10 a year to $100 a month. We host monthly web conferences with guest speakers who sum up current events in the world, with the goal of raising $500 per web conference. Every year we host the campaign Days in Solidarity with African People, a nationwide tour of events that are a tribute to African people and African resistance, a salute to the future of liberation and justice for African and oppressed peoples everywhere, and of course, a fundraiser for thousands of dollars in reparations to Black Star Industries. And then there is the Reparations Challenge, a seriously important campaign bubbling with creative potential, hence the launching of the new website.


All these campaigns are based on the understanding that as white people who have lived on the backs of African people for centuries, our genuine solidarity is in reparations to African people and raising resources for the Uhuru Movement for African Liberation, which works explicitly in the interests of the worldwide African working class and is only funded by the support of African people and their allies and supporters- not the State, or grants from white-led foundations that come with strings attached. Under the leadership of the APSP, USM has a goal of growing to the capacity for a mass movement targeting parasitic corporations and universities for the billions of dollars owed by them to African people- with NO strings attached. In particular, The Reparations Challenge is a way for individual white people and our immediate white communities to take personal responsibility for our complicity in the violence of parasitic capitalism and colonialism. Often I struggle with white people who agree that the U.S. government should pay reparations, but have said they “don’t follow how average white folks emptying out their pockets will get us closer to that goal.” The thing is, reparations are owed by the entire white population because there is not wealth in the hands of any white person, whether a CEO or a worker, that is not derived directly from stolen African labor and the sale of African people itself, which was the foundation of capitalism. We sold African people for money to build a white power economy, and even the most downtrodden and exploited of us still sought to climb higher in the system on the backs of African people. All white people owe reparations to African people. Getting on the right side of history means digging in our own pockets, organizing our own communities, using our talents and skills to access raise resources, building the Reparations Challenge campaign, and returning the stolen wealth to a working class Black Power economy based on liberating and uniting African people- NOT based on slavery, genocide, and endless war against oppressed people!


The Reparations Challenge is the truly the cornerstone of the work that we white people have been called on to do by the African Liberation Movement: going into the white community to raise reparations. Without putting boots to the ground to win white people to show concrete, material solidarity with Black Power, our words mean nothing, and we would be no different than “white allies” who are all talk and no walk.


The Reparations Challenge is my favorite campaign because not only is it an expression of genuine solidarity, but also of each person’s creativity. It can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a yard sale, a bake sale, singing lessons, cooking lessons, selling art or poetry online or at Flea Markets. It’s all about creating a new culture of reparations amongst white people. Every time we write a poem, every time we perform a song, knit a scarf, host a comedy show, teach a skill, throw a party- it’s an opportunity to use our unique talents and skills to build the culture of reparations and solidarity with African liberation. The new website will provide a page for instructions on how to participate in the Reparations Challenge and a form where people can sign up. It will have contact info for our growing Reparations Challenge Committee, who work together to coordinate events and support Reparations Challengers all across the world. Soon we will have a Reparations Challenge Tutorial video. The website will highlight events and activities that people have organized, as well as promote upcoming ones. I’m a big lover of nightclubs, DJing, and dance music. Before I was introduced to the Uhuru Movement- a life-changing moment I will never forget- I was already organizing dance party fundraisers, ResisDance, in solidarity with African prisoners and victims of police violence. Now ResisDance is my Reparations Challenge and is a platform for raising awareness in my white community about the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, our leadership the African People’s Socialist Party, and the political theory that guides our work, African Internationalism. African Internationalism allows us to see the world as it really is, through the eyes of African workers and colonized peoples. It let us see that genocide and mass murder are the normal activities of this colonial bloodsucking parasitic capitalist system. It lets us see that the problem is not racism- the ideas in white people’s heads; the problem is colonialism, the domination of African and colonized people for the benefit of the white ruling class and the general white population. It allows us to see, as Chairman Omali says, that “Every white aspiration and dream, every expectation for happiness and a good life– from a successful marriage to a secure future for their children– requires drone strikes in Pakistan, police murders and mass imprisonment in the African colonies and barrios in the U.S., and starvation and forced displacement of the oppressed throughout the world.”


African Internationalism inspires us white people to play a positive role in the world- to overturn the system of slavery by taking the Reparations Challenge and standing in material solidarity with the Black Power movement of our times! The ultimate goal of reparations is victory in the struggle of African people to reclaim all of their wealth and resources and to destroy the pedestal of oppression and exploitation upon which this parasitic capitalist social economic system rests. Reparations is our responsibility and it is also in our interests. We can end our self-imposed isolation from the rest of humanity and join the peoples of the world struggling for a new world without oppression and slavery.


Visit the website!

Join the Reparations Challenge Committee!

Take the Reparations Challenge!


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