Important Memo From the Uhuru Solidarity Movement National Steering Committee!



The Uhuru Solidarity Movement is sending this memo to inform all of our members and supporters:


Anthony Mustacich, a Seattle-based North American, is no longer affiliated with USM and does not represent the views of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. Public statements made by Mustacich that attacked African youth in no way represent the opinions of USM which uncompromisingly unites with the right of African people to lead their own struggle for self-determination and to reclaim control of their culture, resources, national identity, and the value of their stolen labor.


The USM National Steering Committee is disgusted that someone once affiliated with our organization would slander and criminalize African youth, exhibiting behaviors which are consistent with the colonial state counterinsurgency that specifically targets young African people with demonization of them as “little mfs” and “mumbling, semi-literate, drug addicts.” This is a blatantly white nationalist statement and does not represent who we are as white people who want to take a principled stance of reparations to African people and overturn our parasitic relationship.


We recognize that parasitic capitalism and white society were built on the enslavement and oppression of African people and that all white people owe reparations to African people.


We are vehemently appalled by sexually predatory comments made in the past by Anthony about African women. We unreservedly uphold the right of African women to be leaders in the struggle for national liberation and be free and liberated from disgusting colonial sexual objectification imposed by white power.


We are also opposed to cultural appropriation of African culture by members of the colonial white oppressor nation population. We believe that white people should be involved in building a culture of white reparations to African people by organizing in solidarity with Black Power, not by stealing African artforms or attempting to emulate African culture.


USM is the organization of white people working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, and our members uphold the three principles of unity of USM: we work under the leadership of the Party, we unite with the right of African people to lead their own struggle for liberation, and we organize in the white community for reparations to African people. Anthony has violated all three of these principles repeatedly and therefore his membership has been revoked.


A long list of previous offenses have contributed to this decision including Mustacich’s failure to organize and mobilize the USM branch leading to serious demoralization amongst our members there, a failure to turn over resources owed to the Party in a timely manner, a failure to attend meetings consistently or respond to multiple correspondences from national leadership, all clear violations of the democratic centralist structure used by the Party to ensure that all of USM’s work is held accountable to the strategy and leadership of the African working class.


USM Seattle no longer formally exists as a branch. A cease and desist of any further branch activity by any USM members in Seattle, Washington is effective immediately until further notice. We know that there are many, many powerful, principled members of USM in Seattle who have not had the benefit of African Internationalist leadership because of the contradictions that have led to this decision, and we are confident that we CAN move forward and build in Seattle with the North Americans who genuinely unite with the Party’s leadership and with our role and responsibility as white people to organize for white reparations to African people. If you are a USM member in Seattle and you want to be part of rebuilding the real Uhuru Solidarity Movement there please contact our National Steering Committee so we can set up a meeting as soon as possible to sum up and move forward.


The African People’s Socialist Party and the Uhuru Movement, under whose leadership USM operates, are growing exponentially right now throughout the world. The movement to build white solidarity with black power is becoming widely understood as the only principled, anti-imperialist and revolutionary stance for white people. We are undeterred by this contradiction and we know that the African working class will win the struggle for national liberation and we salute the many dedicated members of USM who are standing on the forward side of history by taking a principled stand for reparations.


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