InPDUM Resistance Rally Featured Candidates Jesse Nevel and Akile Cainion!

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The International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) Sunday Resistance Rally at the Uhuru House this past Sunday, June 25th!

Jesse Nevel, candidate for mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida, speaking on the campaign to elect him, and to elect Eritha Akile Cainion as Councilwoman of District 6: “When we are elected and this people’s movement is victorious, St. Petersburg will be a model city. And it will be a city that inspires emulation from cities across the U.S. Our goal with this campaign is to make St. Pete the most progressive city in this country. Because as Akile said, ‘We are re-defining the concept of progress altogether,’ . . . . Progress will be measured by reparations and economic development for the Black community; that’s the measurement of progress.” #RadicalTimesRadicalSolutions

InPDUM Resistance Rallies are held each Sunday at 4 PM EST @ the Uhuru House, and livestreamed on Facebook!

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