White LGBT Solidarity with Black Power: No Pride in Genocide!


White LGBT Solidarity w/ Black Power: No Pride in Genocide!

Thursday June 29th, 8-930pm EST

Register: tinyurl.com/NoPrideInGenocide

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s June web conference “White LGBT Solidarity with Black Power: No Pride in Genocide.” Our keynote speaker will be Gazi Kodzo, the Director the National Office of Recruitment and Membership in the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP). ¬†Gazi is a Same Gender Loving individual who struggles daily to push forward the liberation of African people. The African People’s Socialist Party has provided leadership and put forward many ways in which African SGL and trans individuals must be leaders in the struggle for Black Power.

This webinar will also feature Jackson Hollingsworth, Chair of the White LGBT Solidarity with Black Power Working Group of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. He is a very strong leader in the movement to build reparations to African people and sets the way forward for other white people of the LGBT community to take a principled stance in solidarity with African and other colonized people. USM’s LGBT working group has the goal of winning thousands of white LGBT people to take them beyond the opportunist politics of the Pride march and lead them towards the principled stance of white solidarity with African liberation

Join this web conference, bring your questions, and learn about Unity Through Reparations!

USM is the organization of white people that was created by and works under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, which leads the Uhuru Movement for African Liberation and is guided by the theory of African internationalism, seeing the world through the eyes of the African working class. We organize in the white community to raise reparations to African people, reversing the stream of stolen resources hoarded in our communities. We host monthly web conferences to deepen our political understanding of current events, and raise white reparations to Black Star Industries, the Black Power economic institutions of the Party.


Tune in to learn why it is crucial for LGBT white people to unite in principled solidarity with Black Power and African liberation!

You can watch via livestream or register @ Anymeeting: tinyurl.com/NoPrideInGenocide 

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