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This week Reparations in Action on Black Power 96.3 FM will salute the life of Lynne Stewart in a discussion with her husband Ralph Poynter.  Stewart, who died March 7, was a fighter, courageous people’s attorney and political prisoner who defended African, Arab and oppressed political activists. On the second half of the show we will interview USM comrade Johann Bedingfield on the Disability Rights Movement under the leadership of African Internationalism.

Tune in to listen LIVE this Tuesday, March 14th, from 5 to 7 PM EST on Uhuru Radio @ theBurningSpear.com, or listen live on BlackPower96.org!

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement today! Come to our National Convention in April! Register for #USMcon2017 @ USM2017.EVENTBRITE.com
#WhiteSolidarityWithBlackPower #ReparationsNow!

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