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  • Thanks for the solidarity with Native Americans!! This has been quite a struggle for almost 6 centuries not only in the US, but the whole American continent from Alaska to Argentina… Stolen lands, devastated cultures, dignity down to pieces… We natives have to deal with that every day, to feel like foreigners in our own land.

    • Uhuru, Aeore! Thank you so much for this comment! Our leadership, the African People’s Socialist Party, is in unity with the rights of Native and Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island! The Revolutionary National Democratic Program of the APSP states:
      “While the struggle of African people in North America is recognized as an important front of the international African revolution, we also understand that our struggle is part and parcel of the revolutionary impulse of the Americas.
      We stand in complete unity with the indigenous peoples of North America in their struggle to reclaim their land from the settler colonialists of the U.S. and Canada and the semi-colonial state and ruling class of Mexico.
      We unite with the revolutionary trajectory of South America that is exemplified by the governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Cuba.” Uhuru!

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