African People’s Solidarity Committee makes Solidarity Statement for Union del Barrio

On January 20th, so-called “Inauguration Day,” comrade Jackson Hollingsworth, President of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement ~ San Diego, and member of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, delivered a solidarity statement at an event hosted by Union del Barrio.  The event was called “Unidos Contra Trump!” (United Against Trump!), and took place at Chicano Park in San Diego, California.  It was raining, but the event was going to take place rain or shine! Comrade Jackson was honored to speak on behalf of APSC. 
My name is Jackson, and I am the President of the San Diego branch of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and a member of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, both of which work under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, which has had a thirty year long relationship with Union del Barrio. The Party recognizes that this is Indigenous land! It was stolen at gunpoint first by the Spanish and then by the United States. The United States is an illegitimate and parasitic colonial settler state, just like the genocidal oppressor state of Israel oppressing and colonizing the Palestinian people.
There is a long history of white people committing genocide here in San Diego against the Mexican and Indigenous people that did not end with the death of the sadistic and homicidal Junipero Serra, nor with the so-called peace Treaty of Hidalgo. The genocide continues to this day. The border is illegitimate, keeping families apart on land that is rightfully theirs. This is Indigenous people’s land and no white person has a claim to it – white people are the illegal immigrants! White people are stealing resources! We white people are occupying land that is not ours!
We in the African People’s Solidarity Committee under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party unite with you against the oppression and genocide you face. We unite with you against Trump’s attack on Mexican people. We recognize that Trump talks about building a wall but a wall already exists. We recognize Obama deported more Mexicans than any other US president in history. We recognize that it doesn’t matter if it’s a democrat or a republican in the White People’s House – the whole system must go! The whole system is to blame. All white people are to blame, both for direct actions and for complicity in this ongoing genocide and military occupation of your neighborhoods, of your community, of your land! It doesn’t matter how many Chicano or African or Filipino friends we white people have  – we white people are still benefiting every day from the oppression of the people whose color we claim not to see.
We white people are screaming fascism in regard to Donald J. Trump’s presidency, but where were these screams of fascism when Mexican and African peoples are murdered in the streets, are torn from their families, are tortured in detention centers, are forced to be free labor for Nike and Whole Foods in the concentration camps we call prisons? The targeting of the Mexican, African, and Indigenous peoples by the police, which is an arm of the State, is ever-present.  Where are our screams of fascism when Mexican and African children are made to pledge allegiance to this illegitimate country that is killing them? Made to pledge allegiance to the illegitimate settler colonial state that is stealing their land and resources? That is denying them their birthright to this land?
White people, we need to make a choice. We have blood on our hands! Are we going to continue to side with the United States in the continual shedding of blood and theft of lives, labor, and land? The State that is responsible for every contradiction we face such as sexism, homophobia, and transphobia? Or are we going to join with the rest of humanity and get on the side of the oppressed? Are we going to pay reparations? Because all white people owe reparations. All white people need to return the stolen resources hoarded in our communities back into the hands of the people to whom they rightfully belong. Reparations need to be paid, and this land, the land we’re standing on right now, this militarily occupied land, San Diego and all of the United Snakes of America, needs to be back the hands of Indigenous peoples. Thank you to Union del Barrio. We unite with you! Victory to the Mexican community! Reparations now!
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