USM Leads the Way for White Solidarity With Black Power at the 2017 APSP Plenary!

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement was honored to present several workshops at the African People’s Socialist Party 2017 Plenary this January 9th.  Presentations took the form of comedic sketch, summation of political period, mobilizing video vignettes, poignant, powerful poetry, and more.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement was created by and works directly under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.  Directed by the APSP, we go into the white community to win #Reparations for African liberation and self-determination.

Enjoy these informative, educational, mobilizing and dynamic presentations! Featuring comrade Chair of USM Jesse Nevelsky, Johann Bedingfield, National Outreach Chair, USM member and RIA host, Jamie Simpson, the comrades of Boston USM, KC Mackey, and more. Uhuru! We are winning! #WhiteSolidarityWithBlackPower!

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