USM Workshop at APSP Plenary Offers Poetic Tribute to the Three Drowned Black Girls

The African People’s Socialist Party Plenary of 2017 was a resounding success, and an event filled with memorable presentations, such as this one, by USM member KC Mackey, in poetic tribute to the Three Drowned Black Girls, Dominique Battle, Ashaunti Butler, and La’Niyah Miller, who were murdered last March by Pinellas County sheriff’s deputies. 

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement was formed by and works directly under the leadership of the APSP, to go into the white community and win reparations for Black Star Industries, and support for African liberation and self determination. 

KC Mackey also works as the Solidarity representative of the committee for  Justice for the Three Drowned Black Girls , under the leadership of InPDUM’s Akilé Anai. 

“Pick A Side”

March 31


Another day

Under capitalism

This superstructure of white Power

Born from europes rape of Africa

Built on the dehumanization

and enslavement of African people

Who once enjoyed a brilliant culture

Who followed the patterns of the movement of the stars

And planetary bodies

Who Found order in nature

Who thrived

Until history was disrupted

By Europe

Poor and diseased

We attacked them

Branded them

Sold them

Raped them

Broke them

Took away everything they had

And instituted a system

Of Ruthless white terror

That continues today

Unprecedented Acts of violence

Drawn out for days, weeks, years

by Regular white people

white lynch mobs

White Armed militias

The military the police

armed to the teeth like a robot, no spirit

no regard for human life

My people have done this and do this

Enjoying the terror we inflict

That’s our legacy

That we must face

And on March 31

White thug Howard Skaggs

And his gang of cops

Hunted 3 African girls

Chased them in an unmarked car

At 95 miles an hour

In the dead of night

Terrorizing them

corralling them down a one way road

A one way road

into a graveyard pond

Smashing the back of their car

Into the water

I would be screaming for my life

I can’t imagine the terror

This was more than murder

This was long

drawn out


The girls drowned

And screamed for their lives

While their killers just watched and played deaf

Mission accomplished

They said they’re done dude

They’re effing done

Making a mockery

Making it game

Like the carnivals

White people had when we tortured African people

I can’t imagine

The sheer terror

Fleeing for their lives

From this menacing hunter

Chasing them down

At the speed of light

I can’t imagine

What its like

knowing that you are being murdered

That they don’t care

By these thugs

Who are defended and loved by whites

Who kill African people not once

But twice!!

They kill them in cold blood

Then again in the news

Dragging them

Criminalizing them

Telling us why they deserved to die

Why their families deserve to cry

Convincing the masses to take the side of their killer

White people always side with the cops against African people!

Every time

And when they killed Dominique

They called her mom a bad mom

The mom whose name was tattooed on her arm

The mom who worked day and night to be the best mom

To a beautiful girl

Who loved her family

And loved her friends

A mom those pigs surrounded,

15 men with guns saying oh she’s dead

And lied to her

But we didn’t chase her

We didn’t chase her

We didn’t chase her

And the other girls? Oh they’re dead too

No remorse

Cold blooded

And people still wanna take their side

believe them

That they did everything they could

to save them?

They did everything they could to murder them!

Those who dare to believe they werent murdered

Take the stance of the coward

Time after time

Police lie!

Sheriff killer bob gualtieri

Hid it in the dark

Like a coward

Said no murder here

And this guy I djed with

Dj won’t pay reparations

Took this killers side

Even claimed they were joy riding

Happily Joined in the slander

With white colonial media

When it kills the oppressed not once but twice?

People ask why did they chase them?

People say they stole a car

I say the police murdered 3 African girls !!

People are looking for a reason WHY

The same reason

why the same Howard Skaggs HUNTED an African boy into a pond to drown

Saved the police dog and lied about it all

I’ll tell you why

the police are doing what they’re meant to do

Hunt down and murder Africans

Rip their families apart

Brutalize their communities

Steal their children’s futures

Chain them like we chained them 600 years ago !

The police against Africans

The us military against the world

With the complicity of the white population

In exchange for our “safety” and freedom?

Safe from what? Who is free?

Who is content in this vapid dying system where we feel rushed and miserable

And always worried about money?

You want the rest of the world to suffer so we can have all this stuff we don’t want??

more and more people shooting up

getting wasted

Escaping this brutal reality

We need to stop escaping

And face it head on!

We need to say it to ourselves

The police murder African people in my name

The police carry out colonialist terrorism

In my name

rooted in slavery

Stealing countless African lives

The blood of those girls and all Africans killed by white power

Is on our hands

Imagine what the world would be like if we still had

Dominique battle

laniyah Miller

Ashaunti butler

Terrence Crutcher

Sandra Bland

And the brave warriors

Korryn Gaines


Micah x Johnson

Don’t you want that world?

Don’t you wanna fight for that world ?

I wanna fight for that world

Kunde says,

“What they did in the night

will come out in the light”

Because African people are fighting to be free

African people have always fought to be free

They will have justice,

They will take back their power,

their culture,

their land and future,

create a society

without oppressors and the oppressed.

No more teenaged African girls drowned,

no more Africans gunned down in our name,

no more grieving mothers,

The line has been drawn in the blood of African people.

My White people-

What side are you on?

Get on the forward side.

I want you to fight with me

If you are serious about overturning this system of slavery and genocide

And getting on the right side of the question

Let’s talk Uhuru Solidarity

This is the real deal

We do reparations

Reparations is to repair

Repair is to heal the damage we’ve done

Reparations must be for revolution!

Reparations now!

And I just wanted to

Thank the party

For forming the solidarity committee

And the uhuru solidarity movement

After everything we’ve done to you

You see the objective benefit

Of giving us the chance to be a part of your strategy to get free and build a new world

White people should be busting down the door you made for us

And to my white friends who

Still think this is a cult

I have no more words for you

Whiteness is the cult

I’m looking for white people who wanna get free

African people are getting free with or without us

And giving us the strategy to get free too

I don’t want our children to be born with the blood that’s on our hands

feminism is a dead end

LGBT rights is a dead end

Our only future is in solidarity African liberation


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  • I love this passionate presentation by the amazing comrade KC Mackey of USM Boston!! How poignant and really explains the terror faced by the Three Drowned Black Girls, Ashaunti Butler, Dominique Battle, and La’Nyah Miller, and why sheriff killer Bob must go! JusticeFor3DBG!!
    More white people need to stand up, like KC, and be courageous enough to stand in principled solidarity with Africans and other oppressed, colonized people. It is the least we white people can do! And join Uhuru Solidarity Movement, to pay #Reparations and stand in material solidarity with African liberation! Uhuru! Uhuru to KC, Uhuru to Mother Warrior Kundè!!!! oxoxo <3 #ReparationsNow! White LGBTQ persons, white disabled persons, and white women won't be truly liberated until Africans are free!! Join USM today!

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