Imperialism in crisis! Neither Trump nor Obama can stem the rising tide of Black Self-Determination!

As Chairman Omali Yeshitela said at the recent 2017 African People’s Socialist Party Plenary “There is great disarray in the white world today.” On this week’s live episode of Reparations in Action we will be summing up the victories of the Plenary, playing clips and hearing analysis of imperialism’s ever-deepening crisis from Chairwoman Penny Hess, USM Chair, Jesse Nevelsky and USM National Outreach Coordinator Johann Bedingfield. We will hear clips of highlights from the APSP 2017 Plenary and a preview of the work of USM in 2017.

In the second half of the show we will have a discussion with Penny Hess about the Obama to Trump transition, and the increasing hysteria over a resurgent Russia asserting its power as the oppressed and colonized peoples of the world continue to weaken US imperialism’s unchecked ability to call the shots in a world forever changed.

As the uneasy equilibrium between parasitic capitalism and the African Revolution tips ever in the favor of the latter, what role will we play in the white community? We will delve into this question and invite you to call in with your own observations.

Don’t miss this live episode of Reparations in Action on Black Power 96.3 St. Petersburg this Tuesday @ 5pm – 7pm EST on!


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