How to tell your kids the truth about Santa Claus, Slavery and Reparations

This week on Reparations in Action host Jamie Simpson is joined by USM Outreach Coordinator, Johann Bedingfield and USM National President, Jesse Nevelsky for a roundtable discussion of the white power lie implicit in the Santa mythology.

We discuss the Dutch origins of Sinter Klaas and Swarte’ Pete and it’s open white nationalist celebration of colonial theft and slavery. We are in the period of the crisis of imperialism which expresses itself in everything from the shock election of Trump to the recent assassination of a Russian ambassador in Turkey. US imperialism responds with increasingly desperate attempts to rescue itself from the masses of colonized people resisting and organizing to overturn parasitic capitalism inside the US and throughout the world.

This holiday season we discuss the virtue of being honest with our children and families about the origins of capitalism. Join the process of building a culture of reparations and solidarity with African liberation.

How can you participate? Tune in this Christmas Sunday, Dec 25th at 1 PM EST/10 AM Pacific time on

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