No future in a dying system: The roots of white America’s drug, suicide epidemic

This week on Reparations in Action we will discuss the deepening crisis of imperialism as experienced by white people who are increasingly distraught and despairing over their lives on the pedestal of the oppression of African and all colonized peoples. USM member Jamie Simpson will be joined by Chairwoman of the APSC Penny Hess and Uhuru Solidarity Movement  Chair Jesse Nevel for this roundtable discussion and analysis of rising rates of suicide, heroin addiction, mental illness and lowering life expectancy for white people in the era of generalized resistance (on the part of colonized peoples) to parasitic capitalism in all its forms. What is the material basis for this crisis within the white community and what is our role as white people organized in solidarity with Black Power? This episode will deepen the reality that colonialism is not a sustainable system which is not even in the long term interests of the oppressor population itself and that we must reject and overturn our historical complicity with colonialism by paying reparations and rejoining humanity under the leadership of the African working class. We will play a clip of the Chairman and discuss the statistics that prove the white community is in deep crisis.

There is a future for white people, in solidarity with African liberation! The white ruling class cannot count on our support for police terror which murders Africans daily in the U.S. We will not be their lynch mob!
Tune in this Sunday, December 18th at 1 PM EST/ 10 AM Pacific, for this live new episode of Reparations in Action! @
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