Crisis of Imperialism: An Opportunity to Win Disability Justice through Solidarity with Black Liberation

Reparations in Action host, Jamie Simpson, interviews USM’s National Outreach Coordinator, and member of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, Johann Bedingfield, about recent event on the relationship between disability rights and the Black Power movement and the new Disability Justice Working group that was formed in the wake of this enormously successful forum.

We will also hear from USM National President Jesse Nevelsky about the election of Trump, the undeniable crisis of Parasitic Capitalism and the campaigns of the APSP such as TyRon Lewis Ave, Justice for the 3 Black Girls, Black Community Control of the schools and why the growing movement of white people voluntarily paying reparations to the African revolution is connected to all of these struggles.

Tune in this Sunday, 1pm EST for this live new episode of Reparations in Action! @

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America’s newly elected imperialist leader, Trump.
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