Disability Justice through Solidarity with Black Liberation

Disability Justice through Solidarity with Black Liberation! 

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This mobilizing event took place on Saturday, November 19th at Allendale United Methodist Church.  “Disability Justice through Solidarity with Black Liberation” was hosted by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s St. Petersburg, Florida branch.  This event featured speakers Akile Anai of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), and Johann Bedingfield, Outreach Chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM).
St. Pete USM invited disabled people, their friends and caregivers to come out for an afternoon info-session and social gathering to learn about the history of the 1960s and 70s Black Power struggle, the movement for black liberation, and how the African liberation movement defended the interests of the disabled community.

Watch or listen to find out how you can be part of changing a social system that degrades and abuses disabled people everyday—the same system that rests on the oppression of African people including police violence and mass incarceration.

Johann Bedingfield, a disabled organizer with Uhuru Solidarity Movement, explained why it is in the interests of disabled white people to unite with African liberation and self-determination.   The event was also successful in raising reparations~ material solidarity ~to Black Star Industries! 

“Why in the world would people continue to identify themselves with a social system that can only exist through stealing wealth and resources and the future of the vast majority of the people on earth?….YOU have to liberate YOURSELVES from this relationship with the white ruling class; YOU have to fight for Black Power, because it is white power that is responsible for every contradiction that people face [on] the earth..it is white power that is responsible for the oppression of white women, it is white power that is responsible for the oppression of white homosexuals, it is white power that is responsible for the oppression of white workers, it is white power that is responsible for the oppression of the vast majority of the people [in] the world, everybody else is uniting against white power, it is the responsibility of Europe and YOU to join in this struggle; JOIN Uhuru Solidarity Movement!” ~ Chairman Omali Yeshitela addressing a white audience at the Uhuru Solidarity Movement Convention in 2013. 

Epilogue from Johann Bedingfield, USM Organizer and Chair of Outreach: 

Disability Justice through Solidarity with Black Liberation was an excellent event. One person came all the way from Panama City to attend. At least 345 people across the country tuned in online from Spokane to Boston to St Louis and more! 46 people shared the video on facebook. This event revealed how the Black Power Movement made it possible for the Disability justice Movement to exist. We exposed the fact that the Disability Justice Movement succumbed to white opportunism in the 70s and refused to support Africans to get their own resources for their disabled community and little progress has been made in disability rights at a fundamental level with the absence of white principled solidarity with African liberation. The point being is to not to make imperialism more accessible to white disable people to solve abuse and neglect. ALL Africans face brutality at the hands of U.S, colonial state, including Africans who are disabled. We also discussed how the leadership of the African working class, struggling for self determination and liberation, will end all oppression in this parasitic social system, including the oppression of white disabled people, white homosexuals, white women and white workers. Its through genuine material solidarity with African Liberation that will destroy all contradictions that white people face from white power.

And we saw strong unity with material solidarity with African Liberation! We raised $400 in reparations to the Black Star Industries, an Uhuru Movement initiative that is creating an African independent liberated economy. This was double our stated goal for the event. Victory! I want to put forward Akilé AnaiJesse Nevelsky, Anne Hirsch, Kyle Wyss and James Simpson!

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