Uhuru Solidarity Movement Responds to Trump Election

Uhuru Solidarity Movement Responds to Trump Election

The statement below is published by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, the organization of white people who work under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party. Our slogan is “white solidarity with Black Power.” We are assigned to go back into the white community and organize other white people like ourselves to stand in solidarity with African self-determination and to unite with the demand for reparations to African people.



On November 8th, 2016 Donald Trump was selected to become the next U.S. president, an event that has emboldened white nationalist attacks on Muslims, Indigenous people, Mexicans and African people inside the U.S.

Trump’s call to “make America great again” is a call that addresses the basest interests of white people to return to blatant slavery and genocide on which this country was founded.

In a political climate of gloom and fear, many white people are protesting in cities throughout the U.S. But the reality is that it would be just as necessary for us to demonstrate if Hilary Clinton had been selected to be the president of the United States, as it is now with Trump as the president-elect.

Both parties and both candidates represent the interests of the ruling class of the United States which is the leader of imperialism in the world today.

Trump says he will build a wall on the border with Mexico, but Obama has already built the wall and Obama has deported more immigrants than any president in history.

Obama gave Wall Street bankers more than $14 trillions in bailouts while one in every three African person in the U.S. lives below the poverty line.

Obama’s wars with Hillary Clinton as his secretary of state made George Bush look like a dove.

hillary-bloody-hands-800x0-c-defaultHillary Clinton is the one who called African children “Super Predators” who should be brought to heel, like a dog.

The Clinton Foundation stole tens of millions of dollars from the starving people of Haiti and used it to pay ten years of living expenses for their daughter Chelsea. As the people of Haiti suffered, Chelsea threw a wedding with their stolen money.

Bill Clinton passed the Omnibus crime bill in the 1990s, which implemented the “Three Strike You’re Out” policy used to justify the mass imprisonment of over 1 million African people and 100,000 new cops who are murdering African people every day.

The Uhuru Movement did not stand for either candidate. It stood for the right of African people to implement their own agenda for self-determination including black community control of police and schools, and reparations for six hundred years of oppression and exploitation

The crisis of imperialism deepens

As Chairman Omali Yeshitela, the leader and founder of the Uhuru Movement, has said, the selection of Trump as the president is a sign of the deepening crisis of U.S. imperialism.

The reality is that Europe, North America and capitalism itself was built on the assault on Africa, enslavement of African people and turning them into commodities, stealing this land from the Indigenous people.

Without slavery, genocide and colonialism, there would be no United States of America.

As Chairman Omali Yeshitela has made really clear, the problem is not racism, it is colonialism.

The white population is and has been historically the oppressor nation.

We have benefited from the stolen land and the stolen labor of others.

We have always enthusiastically carried out this terror against African people, through lynching, genocide, theft and occupation of other peoples around the world.

The police murder of African people, the mass imprisonment, the genocidal wars around the world could not happen without our complicity and the unity of the general white population.

The truth about fascism

We have heard some white people raise the alarm that Trump represents the emergence of fascism in America.  

The reality is that what we call “fascism” already exists for African people inside this country.

We don’t cry “fascism” when over 1.5 million  African people are locked up  in US prison dungeons tortured and raped by prison guards, when 100,000 Africans and Latinos were “stopped and frisked” by police in New York in one year alone, when African children like Tamir Rice and Aiyana Jones are murdered in their beds or on playgrounds, when Mexican people are deported from their own land such as under Obama who kicked out more Mexicans than any president in US history.

When white people hanged black bodies from trees for over a hundred years in this country, that was fascism but we called it democracy. No white person was prosecuted for killing Africans or indigenous people and taking their land.

When white people massacred the native people, forced children into genocidal boarding schools where we raped and tortured them, scalped them, tore the vaginas out of native women and wore them as hat bands, when white people committed a holocaust on this land that was fascism but we called it manifest destiny and progress.

black-and-hispanic-people-more-likely-to-be-victims-of-police-brutality-study-says-1468265823When every 18 hours in this country an African man, woman or child is shot down in the streets by the military occupation army known as the police departments of America, that is fascism, but we call it Law and Order.

White people cannot separate our future from the rest of humanity

Trump says he wants to Make America Great Again. Many white people in this country were galvanized by this promise. Trump spoke to a growing sentiment among many white people, including white workers, who are watching the promises and expectations of the previous generation vanish before their eyes.

This is the same discontent that mobilized millions of white students behind the campaign of Bernie Sanders.

Although many white leftists will arrogantly discard these white people as white trash or ignorant racists, the truth is that their disillusionment about the lost future of white America is not a delusion. It is real. The legacy of our colonial prosperity is drying up. Our place on the pedestal of the oppression of the rest of humanity is becoming increasingly shaky.

We cannot look for answers in either of the two parties of the white ruling class.

We can no longer expect a life at the expense of everybody else because oppressed peoples are taking what is theirs. They are going to feed their own children. They are going to use their resources to secure their future on this planet

The American dream is over, and so it should be, because every dream and aspiration we have ever had has required slavery, murder, drone strikes, genocide, and colonial terror against the masses of human beings on the planet.

White women and LGBT people can no longer seek solutions for us at the expense of others—we have to jump into the fray in solidarity with the struggle for African, Indigenous and other oppressed peoples to have their land, resources and self-determination back.

The resources of Africa must go back in the hands of African people.

This land must go back to the Indigenous people whether they speak Lakota or Spanish, this is their land.

Imperialism all around the world must end.

White people cannot separate our future from the future of the rest of humanity.

No sector of white ruling class will ever solve these problems. Clinton wont solve it. Michelle Obama won’t solve it.  Trump won’t solve it.

If we want to have future we have to go inside the belly of the beast as part of the strategy the African Liberation Movement to help deepen the crisis and take down Trump and Clinton and anybody else who represents imperialist white power.

We have to build the movement for white reparations. Stand in solidarity with national liberation

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement opens the door under the leadership of the APSP, for white people to stand on the forward side of history.

Under the leadership of the African revolution we can stand in solidarity with all oppressed people on the planet. We can rectify our relationship to humanity. We can end our relationship as the outsiders, the policemen of the planet, the worst terrorists in human history, the parasites of the world.

We can be part of creating a new world in which all humanity can live, no one at the expense of the other.

Reparations Now!

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!

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  • “White people cannot separate our future from the future of the rest of humanity.” Uhuru! So true! Salute to USM and the African People’s Socialist Party! The struggle for African liberation *is* the anti-imperialist struggle of our time as APSC Chairwoman Penny Hess reminds us. #RepartionsNow!

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