Sunday Study: A New Page in World History

This Sunday, October 2, 2016, Sunday Study with APSP Chairman Omali Yeshitela: “A New Page in World History,” From The Burning Spear TV on YouTube:  “Today we are experiencing an epoch in which a new page is being turned in world history. It is an epoch which is being mis-characterized as an epoch of failure or crisis in socialism.” As Chairman Omali teaches us, it is in fact imperialism which is currently in crisis.

The political theory of African Internationalism, developed by Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African People’s Socialist Party, explains that it is colonialism which must be defeated in order for Africans and other colonized people to be free.  And that is is capitalism which has always depended, and was birthed from, the oppression, subjugation, enslavement of Africans by Europeans, and the looting of African land and resources, which continues to this day.

But we are now entering a time when imperialism is in crisis as oppressed peoples everywhere are fighting back to reclaim their land and resources, and to win self-determination and liberation.

“When a white person any where on earth makes plans or really thinks about being successful in the world. . . for them to be successful, for them to have what it is that they dream and aspire, they have to keep the rest of us oppressed like this.  Every aspiration, every dream of a future that white people have requires them to be killing people with drones throughout north Africa and the Middle East, . . . [and the looting of African resources, the colonization of Africans and other oppressed people, etc.] They lie to themselves and they know that there must be some rational explanation for ‘why I live this way, and other people can’t live this way.’  Unless they’ve been absolutely separated from their humanity, and of course  that’s one of the things that white nationalism ~ imperialist ideology ~ does; is separates white people  from their humanity just as it separates us from our humanity. . .”  ~ Chairman Omali Yeshitela.

All white people owe reparations, and we have an opportunity to reclaim our humanity and join the right side of history; join the colonized against the oppressor, join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement! Become a monthly sustainer, or donate to reparations here.



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