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In this historic period we have seen the rise of the voice and resistance of the African working class worldwide. The Party has laid the political groundwork, ready and leading through African Internationalism, with science, theory, practice to capture and set the undebatable  terms for the total unification and liberation of Africa and African people.  Which will finally destroy the colonial foundation of imperialism and result in the liberation of the world.

For white people, the line is clearly set and defined as to the only way we unleash our whiteness through unleashing the stolen wealth hoarded within our hands, our grasp, our reach, and publicly defy and abandon our reliability and allegiance to white power through Reparations!

USM is:

  • an International mass movement and is the strategic political wedge, a wrench in the cog of the 600 year bloody imposition, invasion, occupation and terror that has come to define us/whites through our parasitic existence on the backs of African people as  the white oppressor nation.


 USM must push, win, and overturn the white narrative definition of what white power anti-black history of what is good and bad through all and any means in the war of ideas behind enemy lines.

USM is politically arming, enabling and ushering in broad masses of white people to the side of the oppressed African nation. And turning it into action, unleashing people’s creativity in liberating and reparating the stolen resources as not only an historic act but a political stand of defiance like none other. Creating a cultural revolution of white reparations to African people through Black Star Industries.

To win white people away from blaming the victim culture, opportunist individualism, individual “solutions,” fighting racism, how many black friends you have, charity; all lethal weapons of the war against the democratic and just struggle of African people for self-determination, economic and political power, the right to self-defense, and control of their communities, free from the state military occupation, constant slander.

USM Membership must not only have protocols of accounting and numbers, which is important component, but must become an impenetrable institution accountable and in the hands of the African People’s Socialist Party.  Uhuru! 

~ Rhya Fogerty, USM Chair of International Recruitment and Membership Office (IRMO)

Learn more about the International Recruitment and Membership Office committee!  To join this dynamic committee in being a part of this historic work, contact and we’ll put you in touch w/ our IRMO Chair!  Salute to USM’s IRMO!

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