Pledge of Solidarity: USM Members in Their Own Words

lo and opa rbg

Lo Fryman, left, and Opa Hamilton, right.  Both are members of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM). 

USM member, Lo Fryman, recently wrote (on Facebook): 

“Some people have accused me of being ashamed to be white. I wouldn’t say that’s the case, although, take a look around, would it surprise you if i was?

“I just refuse to believe the rhetoric that we’ve been spoon fed since we were still potty training. I acknowledge that the society we live in today that allows so many forms of privilege to control and shape our world, especially white privilege, was built on a tragic history of genocide and slavery.

“And so long as this power structure remains in tact, i will continue to shout from the rooftops how wrong it is and fight against it. You want to call that ashamed of being white? Guilty as charged.”

And she posted this photo of the Pledge of Solidarity: 

pledge of solidarity usm old

Opa Hamilton, USM member wrote the following in response: 

“Good to see this reminder first thing in the morning. I have been involved with the Uhuru Solidarity Movement for half my life now Initially I was impressed by the quality of people in it and knew it had to be going in a good direction even though I didn’t understand a lot at the time. I never knew people like that before.

“Myself, peers and family were all guided by self-interest and opportunism every step. USM taught me that it is We not Me that needs to lead and from a position of overturning ALL the opportunistic colonialist activity that brings us from enslaving a continent (many really in different forms) to today as we see all the amazing colonized countries fighting to get their resources back from colonialist rule and western manipulation. I salute them all.

“This understanding came from the Uhuru Movement. I could never have seen it without really opening to the perspective of the people needing to be free of Colonialism. That means I stop going from one left (personal interest) group to another hoping someday it all can unite somehow under existing Colonialism so I can keep my own ideas and self in the center, blinding myself continually to Everyone else that we live at the expense of…..

“So [s]he spoke of white shame, I agree that for everyone that continues to to deny freedom and self-determination to the majority of the world – need to be ashamed, and it is way past time to unite with being in Solidarity with the USM people & groups leading from the deepest understandings, the ones that have already personally thrown off chains and control of Colonialism. Absolutely join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement!”

Uhuru!  We salute our members in their steadfast loyalty and solidarity to African people! We are winning!

Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement today and start  building to bring the “Days in Solidarity with African People” campaign/ speaking tour to your city or town  this October! 

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