No Such Thing As Workers in General: Socialism Through Reparations!

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There is No Such Thing As Workers in General: The struggle for socialism through white reparations to African people!

Tune in this Sunday, July 3, 2016 to Reparations in Action Weekly Radio Show as we examine the relationship of white workers to the struggle for African liberation. “There is no such thing as workers in general,” according to the principles of African Internationalism, the political theory developed by African People’s Socialist Party Chairman Omali Yeshitela.

Discussion of APSP Comrade Gazi Kodzo’s video: “To Tip Cave Becky or Not to Tip Cave Becky.”

Learn why the struggle to overturn colonialism must be led by the African working class and other colonized workers, and why white people, including the white working class, owes reparations to African people.

This show will expose how the white left has attempted to co-opt African workers’ struggles to advance a white agenda under the banner of “uniting the working class.” It will also shine a light on the centuries of terrorism, opportunism and thuggery of the white workers against the African working class– from lynchings to chasing Africans out of northern unions. Finally we will discuss how white people, including white workers, can join a true workers’ revolution by fighting for white reparations to African people and joining under the leadership of the revolutionary Party of the African working class. The road to socialism is painted black! 

“AFRICAN LIBERATION WILL FREE THE ENTIRE WORLD.” ~ analysis from the African People’s Socialist Party in The Burning Spear Newspaper

This Sunday, July 3rd, 1PM Eastern time/ 10AM Pacific


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