“Brexit;” an African Internationalist Perspective: Imperialism in Crisis

Imperialism in Crisis Brexit

Join us for This Week on Reparations in Action Radio Show as hosts Penny Hess, Chair of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, and Jesse Nevel, Chair of USM, discuss “Brexit;” Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.  Chairman Omali Yeshitela says: “The world-wide struggle for national liberation represents imperialism in crisis. During this era, national identity and national borders are up for grabs, with these newly awakening masses around the globe. . .  The relationship that Europe and the white world has with colonized people is in a state of crisis as colonized people are taking back their resources.” Listen live to learn more about the underlying relationships between economics, culture, and the struggle for liberation from colonialism.  Sunday, June 26 1PM Eastern Time, on Reparations In Action @theburningspear.com/uhururadio

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