Black Power Sweeps Through the ‘Heart of Dixie!’


 “Capitalism was the theft of my grandmother. . .”Dr. Aisha Fields of the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project speaks at a house event hosted by the Uhuru Solidarity Movement in Huntsville, Alabama on March 4, 2016! Huntsville USM is mobilizing for the USM National Convention in St Petersburg, Florida on April 16-17, Registration is open at
Posted by Uhuru Solidarity Movement – Huntsville, Alabama on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

As USM local branch in Huntsville, AL saw an amazing weekend of events which mobilized the white community there to pay reparations to African people, Johann Bedingfield, USM Chair of Outreach, had this to say: “The sweep through ‘the heart of Dixie’ was truly a breakthrough of USM and the work to build a mass movement of white people who answer the Reparations Challenge, not as some liberal charity but knowing deeply in our bloody colonial DNA that we have debt to pay and repair what was stolen. We still have work ahead of us to answer the call from the advanced detachment of the African working class, the most hated and feared people for our white ruling class, yet we are laying the ground work of what principled solidarity looks like! Its a statement that we are making. We want our humanity, like water being purified of the toxins of barbarity, so it becomes an instrument of life instead of the death, as we see our shame reflected in the horror of Flint. We are 600 years late! Yet, the African working class sees that we can become a material force, the extension of black power the cuts into the heart of the beast of white imperialism, and unleash the stolen loot, stained in the blood of names of so many who will not be remembered, yet treated as ‘strange fruit’ as Nina Simone put it. Now we are entering a new era. The wind speaks of the return of revolution, a billion strong African nation, reorganizing to capture its birthright and its right to life, led by the African People’s Socialist Party, and destroy parasitic capitalism, to end the reign of white people, that nearly has put all of life on the brink of extension. The crisis of imperialism is good and we can help deepen it. Reparations Now!” 

The “Reparations: A revolutionary demand” speaking tour swept through North Alabama the weekend of March 4th, 2016.

Spanning Athens, Madison and Huntsville, Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s Kerry Porter organized a powerful series of events to open up the North Alabama front of the solidarity movement. A house event, a yoga fundraiser, and a public forum featuring Penny Hess, Chair of APSC who traveled from Florida, Dr. Aisha Fields, and Kobina Bantushango of the African People’s Socialist Party. The mini-marathon of USM events raised over a thousand dollars in material solidarity to the Party and recruited six new members into the USM! The tour was another example that this is the Party’s time, and the revolutionary demand for white reparations to African people is resonating far and wide– even “in the heart of Dixie.”

Forward to the April 16-17 USM National Convention in St. Petersburg, Florida!

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