Reparations In Action Weekly Radio Show: Feel the Blarney

RIA Blarney show foto

This week on RIA weekly radio program, host Jamie Simpson conducts a roundtable discussion of the deepening crisis of the colonialist, capitalist system and its desperate attempts to legitimate itself to the US population through an electoral process, already exposed as fraudulent, riddled with contradictions, and in absolute crisis, as colonialism is challenged on all fronts by the colonized working class. 

APSC Chairwoman Penny Hess joins USM Chair Jesse Nevel in a study and discussion of APSP Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s article, “Feel the Blarney”. During this live broadcast we will discuss the Sanders / Cruz / Trump phenomenon and sum up the significance of 2016 elections for African Liberation within US borders and anti-colonial struggles throughout world. What is the responsibility of white people in solidarity with African Revolution in an electoral season that reduces the word revolution to a euphemism for shallow reforms for primarily white workers and marginalized groups that sit atop a pedestal of the oppression and exploitation of the rest of the world? How do we, as Uhuru Solidarity, respond to an electoral field in which a candidate advocating “socialism” on the one hand, rejects reparations outright? Don’t miss this timely discussion! Reparations in Action, Sunday, Feb. 28th, 2016 at 1pm EST on    

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