Chairman Omali Yeshitela speaks on Huey P. Newton

On this African Martyrs’ Day, we honor the legacy of Huey P. Newton, co-founder of the revolutionary Black Panther Party in Oakland, California. The Uhuru House in Oakland still stands today. In this moving speech, Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party, pays tribute to Huey P. Newton and recounts the revolutionary history of the Black Power Movement in the U.S.

“Every now and then, history will thrust forward those forces in whom all of the elements of the period are concentrated. The way they walk, the way they talk and the things they do are earth shaking. Sometimes they flare across the sky like a shooting star and you can’t ever forget them. Sometimes, just for that period of time, history will thrust them forward. We recognize Huey P Newton as that.” ~ Omali Yeshitela, APSP Chairman

chairman omali and huey p newton

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