“Have the guts to step up!” – USM’s Rhya Fogerty on why she donated to “Africa Must Unite” 2015 Tour Fund

Rhya Fogerty of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement
Rhya Fogerty of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement

Below is a powerful statement written by Rhya Fogerty, longtime member of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement currently living in Chicago, on why she donated towards the “Africans Must Unite! 2015 Spring Fund Drive” to raise 15,000 dollars for Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the African People’s Socialist Party’s organizing trip to South Africa to build the African Socialist International!

Donate Today at gofundme.com/africannationtour


“Izwe le nu i Africa!!! UHURU4Ever!!!
“Til Victory is Won!

“When Africa and African people are free the world will be free. And it is happening Right now! Right now .

“As a white person and proud veteran since 1982, our job is simple. Grab the truth, get “uncomfortable”, have the guts to step up, step out, no cry baby excuses that our community spends alot of time and energy, money, too busy, cant seem to picture yourself making calls to other white people, door to door , face to face, hard work .

“Well you never know til you try it…but you cant give up cause you got no answer, no, not interested, etc.

“Everybody has the right to know the truth and that is our job, mission and we must fight for organization …this individualism intellectualism gobbly guck is abig luxurious and literally sick waste of time! Plus self imposed jabberjawing does nothing to make anything concrete real… And everybody knows that what it always been for. Ok… Well …lets get to it-Donate now to the tour fund! Lets all put in whatever big or small amount today. It mothers day. Do it for mothers day. In memory of someone. And believe it or not if u want to be part of making something real..this is it. UHURU and thank u for the great reparations contribution call- Uhuru salute!”


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