Build White Solidarity with the African Liberation struggle! Stop Obama’s Imperialist Wars At Home and Abroad!

Stop Obama’s wars around the world and inside the U.S.!
Reparations Now!


Build White Solidarity with the African Liberation struggle!

The African People’s Solidarity Committee calls on white people everywhere to take action in the face of the profound crisis of U.S. imperialism, the enemy of the majority of humanity.

We cannot leave to the next generation the hideous conditions of war, suffering, poverty and devastation against oppressed peoples inside the U.S. and around the world.

The future of this crumbling system is bleak for the ruling class, but for all those who have suffered the ravages of imperialist terror for the past 600 years, the crisis represents a new beginning in the struggle for a just world in which all humanity can live in peace and prosperity!

Today’s crisis reflects the desperation of this parasitic social system which terrorizes and exploits the majority of the world for our benefit, an untenable situation that many of us find unbearable.

As the beneficiaries of hundreds of years of slavery, genocide and economic exploitation that make up the foundation of the capitalist system, white people have an opportunity and a responsibility to be part of this historic struggle for social transformation led by oppressed and colonized peoples.

APSC was formed by the African People’s Socialist Party in 1976 as a strategic front of the African Liberation Movement with the mission to organize other Euro-Americans to struggle for black power inside the belly of imperialist white power.

Black power is the no-oppression power, the power that ends the system of workers and bosses, oppressors and the oppressed.

In the year 2015–600 years after the first Portuguese slave ship landed on the coast of Africa– it is time to stand up and join the fight to overturn the hideous legacy of slavery and imperialism that is simmering under the surface of life in the U.S.

APSC organizes for reparations to African people.

We recognize our interest in ending our self-imposed isolation from the rest of humanity by taking responsibility for our history of violent white complicity in this government’s terror against African and other oppressed peoples, whose stolen labor and resources form the basis of our lifestyle and opportunities.

Under the leadership of the African Liberation Movement we can turn loose our allegiance to colonialism and imperialism and stand with the oppressed, the key to the future of the planet!

With workshops and presentations on the key political questions of our time, the APSC national conference is an opportunity for us to begin to see the world through the eyes of the oppressed and to find out how to get organized in the fight for genuine social justice and reparations.

Unite with oppressed peoples and nations across the planet and inside this country who are locked in a life-or-death resistance against the violence, exploitation and terror of this blood-sucking social system.

Join humanity in ending Obama’s brutal global wars, not by simply calling for “peace,” but by supporting victory to oppressed peoples everywhere–including inside the U.S.–whose resistance is responsible for this crisis of imperialism.

Fight to end racism, once and for all—the ideological foundation of the system that colonizes African people inside this country and around the world—by standing in solidarity with the anti-colonial African Liberation Movement, led by African people themselves in a struggle that strikes at the jugular vein of capitalism built on slavery, genocidal violence and colonialism.

Take a stand against the police murders that turn African communities into war zones everyday in this country. Unite in solidarity with the resistance of African people in Ferguson, MO demanding “Not One More Black Life!”

We can and must play our role in ending this deathly system that has plagued the planet for so long for our benefit.

Build the worldwide movement for reparations to African people, not only from the U.S. and European governments, but from all of us in the white community who have benefited from the centuries of colonial oppression of African people.

Join the African People’s Solidarity Committee on January 11 and 12, 2015 in St. Petersburg, Florida for our national conference featuring a keynote presentation by Chairman Omali Yeshitela and APSC Chairwoman Penny Hess.

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