Important: A Call for Reparations! $500 urgently needed


We are urgently calling on all Uhuru Solidarity Movement members, supporters and friends to donate towards the goal of raising 500 dollars to the work of the African People’s Socialist Party TODAY. 

That’s 25 of us donating 20 dollars each! We can do this but only with your participation!

Donate here:

500 dollars towards the revolutionary programs of the African People’s Socialist Party: that’s our goal, that’s our commitment to reparations in action.


Chairman Omali Yeshitela mobilizes in FergusonAs the movement grows worldwide, bringing leadership and strategy to the re-emerging African freedom struggle exemplified by the courageous people of Ferguson, the resources are urgently needed to build this movement. The Black is Back Coalition is building toward a momentous march on the White House on November 1st and 2nd. The Uhuru Movement is growing in the US, Europe, Africa and elsewhere.

Every donation is an act of reparations in support of concrete, African-led, economic development and social justice programs of the Uhuru Movement. Learn more about them here:

This is the time! White people, we must take a stand of material solidarity with African liberation and reparations to the African community! DONATE TODAY!!!


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