Next time someone says, “But Africans sold themselves into slavery!”, send this article to them


EDITOR’S NOTE: The following except from pages 47-50 of Overturning the Culture of Violence, written by Penny Hess, Chairwoman of the African People’s Solidarity Committee and printed by Burning Spear Publications, debunks the cynical and anti-black argument that “Africans enslaved themselves.” This argument points to the presence of Africans who collaborated with the European slave masters and “sold” Africans to them in order to shift the responsibility for the slave trade off the shoulders of the European colonial slavemaster and onto the backs of the colonized and enslaved African.

Today, as the voice of the enslaved African community asserts itself in the world and lifts up the demand for reparations, the blame-shifting “African collaborator” argument can be seen gaining traction in universities and bourgeois historical publications, not as an historical argument but as a political defense against the legitimacy of the reparations demand. As an organization of white people working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party to organize white people in solidarity with the African struggle for liberation and reparations, we in the Uhuru Solidarity Movement find it timely to publish this excerpt here:

HUMAN BONDAGE: Page 47-50, Overturning the Culture of Violence

The terrible impact that slavery has had on the continent of Africa cannot be calculated: the destruction of magnificent civilizations, the break-up of family and kinship circles, the massive depopulation, forced impoverishment, famine and starvation, the ravishing of an environment which had been so conducive to human civilization for millennia. From open, educated, prosperous and democratic societies, African people now lived in sheer terror, never knowing when their village or town would be raided for human loot by these white invaders.

Some North American people cynically place the blame for the enslavement of African people on the shoulders of African collaborators who participated in the kidnapping of their own people. Impacted by the social destruction wreaked by invading Europeans, a tiny minority of the conquered people did find their own survival by participating in this treachery.

The setting up of collaborators among the colonized population has been a successful tool of domination in every instance of European colonialism around the world. Africa is no exception. Europeans attack societies in Africa, Asia, or the Americas, destroying their traditional economies and long-standing social relationships. A unilateral colonial economy, which starves the people and creates the dependency on the colonial power, is militarily enforced.

The European invader gets richer and richer through his bloodsucking relationship, and offers resources, guns and special status to a minority sector of the oppressed population. The selected “elite” or the colony can themselves become enslaved or carry out the will of white power. If they take any stand independent of the colonizer as have, say, Panama’s Noriega or Iraq’s Saddam Hussein in today’s world, white power spares them none of its wrath.

This plan has worked well over the centuries. A few people in every colony have participated in the devious imperialist schemes of slavery, genocide, torture and exploitation of their own people, a collaboration which benefits no one more than the European or North American “mother” country.

The statement that “Africans enslaved their own people” separates out African people from other colonial subjects, all of whom have had their share of betrayal among their ranks. It is a statement of imperialism’s historic need to mobilize public opinion against African people.

Like the general white attitude toward the government-imposed drugs and dependent drug economy in today’s African communities, this statement lets the parasitic colonial economic system off the hook. It is an anti-black expression of unity with the oppression of African people, saying, “They did it to themselves.” Meanwhile all white people everywhere still benefit from the parasitic economic system which has as its foundation the enslavement and continued exploitation of African people.

Most Africans resisted enslavement with all of their energy. Rebellions on slave ships were common. According to one source, “Many deaths on slave journeys across the Atlantic derived from violence, brawls, and above all, rebellions. There was probably at least one insurrection every eight to ten journeys.”

For example, Africans successfully rebelled in 1532 aboard the Portueguese slave ship the Misericordia. The 109 Africans on board “rose and murdered all the crew except for the pilot and two seaman. Those survivors escaped in a longboat. But the Misericordia was never heard of again.”

Slave ship owners often three Africans off the ships just to collect the insurance money. One famous case was that of a ship owned by William Gregson and George Case (both former mayors of Liverpool, England). The captain threw 133 Africans into the sea because if Africans were to die naturally, the owners would lose money, but if the African people were “thrown alive into the sea,” supposedly for the safety of the crew, “it would be the loss of the underwriters.”

So many African people died en route that it has been said that sharks followed slave ships all the way from Africa to the Americas.

Africans who survived the notoriously brutal middle passage, as the Atlantic crossing was known, reached the Americas barely alive. If they were too ill, they were left to die on the shore. They were sold like animals on public auction blocks, naked or in rags, weakened and emaciated, having survived the months below deck with disease and malnutrition, not to mention the emotional ravage sof such an experience. Many Africans committed suicide to avoid enslavement, a practice otherwise unknown in African culture.

White buyers came to the market for slaves, “feeling the Africans’ limbs and bodies much as butchers handled calves. The slaves were often asked, as they had been told to do before leaving Africa, to show their tongues and teeth, or to stretch their arms.”

In the Americas, Africans were “broken in” by submitting them to inhuman terror in an attempt to crush out any resistance. The “breaking” process was psychological as well as physical, and included being forced to learn a version of a European language and to take a European name, something many Africans militantly resisted.

Under the domination of their white slave masters, African people of all ages were branded, women on the breasts. Africans were whipped until they were deeply scarred, and their ears or ear lobes were cut off. People were slashed in the face, and their hands and feet were cut off to prevent them from running away. Men were castrated; women were raped. Women’s babies were cut out of their bellies for “punishment” and any man, woman or child could be forced to wear iron collars on their necks for life.

Under such brutal conditions, normal human relationships between men and woman or parents and children were interrupted and nearly impossible. Mothers were forced to work the full nine months of pregnancy, often giving birth in the field. They were then forced to abandon their children, as they had to keep on working or nurse the children of the slave master.

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  • Thank you for sharing this. It not only is a great piece to send to white people who seek to justify the oppression of Africans, but it’s also a tool to use against those African apologist who do not have the backbone to defend our right to be free regardless of the countless moments in history when Africans have collaborated with the oppressor against their own interest.

  • Isn’t it funny how the comment section of this article has no white people who had all the crap in the world to say?

      • All races have suffered, at one time or another usually at the hands of white Europeans. I am Hispanic and my ancestors suffered, were murdered, mutilated, enslaved in their own country, humiliated, terrorized, morally, mentally, emotionally. It is/ was not just a black person thing. My ancestors decimation at the hands of Spaniads was on the scale of what probably happened to the Africans. My point is that we do not use this as a reason to keep hating. What happened then is a done deal and people have to move on. What do you all think can be accomplished by bringing this up over and over again? Hate and more hate as far as I can surmise.

        • Uhuru, Joe! Colonialism still effects Mexicans in the U.S. and abroad. So it’s not about “hating.” There is nothing hateful about knowing history or educating people about the genesis of colonialism, which continues to this day. The African People’s Socialist Party has a long-standing working relationship with Union Del Barrio, and other organizations of oppressed, colonized people around the world.

          Click here to see:
          Here’s one article that explains more on that.

          The Uhuru Movement, co-founded by Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP) includes the APSP, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), and the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM). The Uhuru Movement is for the liberation of ALL colonized, oppressed people.

          And the white oppressor nation has most certainly not suffered in the same way Africans, Mexicans, Palestinians, and other oppressed people have suffered. We white people sit, as Penny Hess (Chair of the African People’s Solidarity Committee) says, on the pedestal of colonialism.

          So we don’t “bring it up again” to inspire “hate.” Hate is not what the Uhuru Movement is about. The Uhuru Movement is about overturning this deadly, murderous system of colonialism which continues to oppress Mexicans, Africans, Native/ Indigenous persons and others both inside the U.S. and all over the world.

          Myself and other white people live at the expense of Africans, Mexicans, and others who are oppressed under colonialism and parasitic capitalism. Even white people are invited to divest from their whiteness, and join the colonized against the oppressor by paying reparations for African liberation and to end colonialism.

        • Joe Ramirez, your Ancestors were the Africans who were dropped off on Spanish controlled Islands. Do the Jews ever forget the holocaust of 6 years? So why would the peoples of color, Africans or their Diaspora, forget such heinous crimes, especially when the treatment is still ongoing. Not out-and-out slavery but slavery nonetheless, i.e. wage slavery, imprisonment, poverty, joblessness, bigotry, hatred, unfair and over priced housing, and killing via a military type enforcement which we call police force. And isn’t it interesting that its entitled Police “force.”

          Native Americans suffered similar treatment but this article is about Africans. To focus on this subject matter does not negate what happened to other minorities via the White Race, but again, this subject matter is focused on what happened to and still happens to the African peoples.

          • I agree with you wholeheartedly. Can you imagine what would have happen here if Roy Moore were to say that people in Germany were happier when the population of Jews were decimated by Hitler’s final solution? But we are suppose to forgive and forget. It was a long time ago. They would like you to forget so that all those multi-billion dollar companies whose base was built on free tortured and forced labor of our ancestors, won’t have to compensate us for essentially building those fortunes. All about money and greed. With a little white guilt thrown in.

          • The Jewish do not have a Jewish history month. And they don’t discus the heines acts that were inflicted upon them by the Germans in school.

          • Uhuru Kimberly. Jewish persons received reparations following the Nazi Holocaust. Children are taught about the Holocaust in school. African people never received reparations for being kidnapped, enslaved, etc. Reparations are due.

        • I agree. Very well stated.The history of civilization is replete with chronicles of man’s inhumanity to man. At the same history also shows that there have always been those who have taken a stand to be advocates for a just and civil society based on religious,moral ,and ethical considerations.

        • My initial response should have been adressed to you,Mr.Ramirez.Again,l agree with the spirit of reconciliation which you express and which attitude is necessary in order that we may adhere to our Judeo-Christian principles.

        • Yes, slavery and Jim Crow is over. Dull. Thank God!!! But discrimination, oppression, white supremacy, and racism is not over!!!! So don’t tell us not to complain and ask about our history with these European names an God. Besides white people profit from slavery with the land they own and other benefits they receive every single day.

        • It is known that African slavery was most brutal. The problem is we are still treated as less than and other means of control have been instituted since slavery to destroy blacks and THAT is why we have to continue to look at this American domestic terrorism look at this dirty wound and clean it out to finally bring all of the INJUSTICE to an end

        • Sorry Joe …you got it all wrong …you do not understand that Blacks are persecutated to this day even by your own race “Hispanic”as you identify yourself. We do not hate ….but we are not going to praise you and all other ehtnic group who hurt us in the past and who today still have a contempt and disdain against Black people for no reason. It shows your total apathy for people who has been victimized for centuries and your worship of the white people who you guys always try to pass for.

        • We acknowledge this…however the struggle isn’t over..many are still seeking reparations and struggling for justice in our court sytems…Jim Crowe was just dismissed over 50 years ago..the struggle isn’t entirely over..Never hate just ensuring our kids have the same rights as everyone else

        • Joe Ramirez, I think you said it all when you said, “enslaved in their own country”. What the original Africans suffered in America can not be compared to allowing whites to terrorize you in your own country, with your own name, your own culture intact, and today you still have a country that can take exception to your treatment here in the U.S.
          I also take exception with your thinking that the black person’s cry for freedom to decide our own fate and an economic base from which to develop an infrastructure to ensure our survival as “hate”, is woefully uninformed and shows a complete disregard for the earth’s first people.

        • First off, …..It’s not about hate, it’s about acknowledging and remembering what your people have been through…do you run around telling native Americans to stop talking about what they’ve been through??? Do you run around telling the Jews to forget about the holocaust??? I highly doubt that you do…

          Secondly…. you do realize that this is a website that is dedicated to black/African issues and history right??? If so, why Are you surprised that this is being talked about??? Moreover, why are you coming to this site if you have no desire to discuss that issue.

          You don’t come to a website like this and think you can dictate what is or isn’t being talked about..

          Explore your options, and just move on with your nonsense.

        • sorry my good sir, now compare the lives of a black person to any other race that was enslaved. black people today are still undervalued and they still made projects of viruses and diseases. all other races or most were reparated still today europeans are reaping african minerals. even today.

        • THIs is not about moving on any more this type of physical and mental treatment has affected billions of blacks back then up until present now, and with that being said ” OPPRESION IS STILL AT LARGE FINANCIALLY MEANING EUROPEANS ARABS AND ASIANS ALL BENEFITED FROM THIS BRUTAL SLAVERY CURRENTLY SPEAKING AS THEY CONTINUE TO CRUSH AFRICA SOURCES AND PROFIT TONS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WITHIN THEIR COUNTRIES

        • Sorry ‘it’s not just a Black thing’ wow our enslavement didn’t end until the 2008 in some areas inAfrica it continues….. this is why u fail…. the question was not ‘who else went through this?’ It is specifically talking about my ancestors my grandfather my father and my siblings , our black experience and teaching knowledge on how to respond to nonsensical Eurocentric responses like yours ……

        • Sorry to say but it is not over we are still slaves to the Europeans we must wake up we must learn what the Europeans have done to us once we learn and realized that we are still slaves then we can overcome and then we can be free the history of us being slaves must be told over and over and over until we are free

      • We should stop using this words”African-American”because there’s no such thing as African-American. Is either you’re an African or you’re not.

        • I agree, my fore parents were Nigerian, but I was born here in American of African decent, but I am an American whose skin is black
          I desire t o called or to be recognized as a,black American

        • Of course, African-Americans exist and it’s a valid term. Personally, I prefer Black. At birth, I was colored or Negro. James Brown galvanized us to throw off the racist moniker none of us chose, and proclaim ourselves Black.

      • They will forever keep their racist foot on our neck. All they know is violence, and stealing other people’s stuff, Europe had very little, to offer their racist asses, so they stole other people’s resources. That is their history, they colonized every country on the planet, except one or two.

        That is why African children study from their lying curriculum, they don’t want us to know what they did to us, and all other people on the planet. The universe will not stay out of balance, it is just a matter of time, all other people of the world will gain their true position on the planet, and not continue to live in fear, like the Africans.

      • You are very correct when you point out that the court system is the new Jim crow. Drugs in the communities and all other forms of wicked machinations white people have come up with to make sure we Black people don’t rise to fly at their throats and pay them back for the evil they did and are still doing to the Black people of the all over the world.

    • As a white-privileged woman of 65, I am in complete agreement with this article exactly as it was written. The truth is often hard to bear, but I bear it with you. My sadness over this part of our American History follows me wherever I go. I think reparations are in order. I am one of many who no one listens to. God forgive us for the sin of slavery of our brothers and sisters from Africa. God forgive us for the lynchings, the segregation of neighborhoods and schools. God forgive us for the unjust prison system in America. God forgive us for police brutality by some rogue officers and the racism that still exists in America….the racism that took the life of Trayvon Martin. Never give up! All things are possible with God.

      • Why are you asking forgiveness for sins that are being committed currently? That’s like asking to make the actions okay. That is why its often hard to even accept when some white people try and speak out in support of our plight for justice; you often come across as uninformed and still lacking the perspective of what your own people have really done.

        • Here is a woman who agrees with what you are saying, as I do, and you are still confronting her. There are decent white people who want to stand with you, want to understand. Please, accept us. We may not understand but there are some who are genuinely on your side.

          • Uhuru, Andrea. We white people should struggle to understand better. But we cannot expect African people or other colonized people to suddenly embrace us or forgive our past~~ and current~~legacy of brutality, theft, oppression, etc. The way to overturn our colonial relationship with African people is to pay #Reparations! We white people cannot dictate how we are treated by Africans and other colonized people; what we can do is get on the right side of history and join the colonized against the oppressor by paying reparations.

        • Hi Shamma,
          I want too to apologise for my white ancestors’ horrible crimes against Africa and African people. For as long as we don’t accept, apologise and pay for our crimes, there will be no peace.
          No justice. No peace. Love to you from my heart.

          A Greek Woman

      • You are among the few who admit to the brutal industry of slavery in America. God bless you and thanks for your commentary. As an African American and a descendant of the Biblical Hebrew Israelites, they, the oppressors, will all bow at our feet and know that God loves and always has loved us. Their judgment along with the wrath of God shall come at an appointed time. The enslavers knew exactly who my ancestors were and have whitewashed history so that we would not. This is the main reason they separated the tribes during the passage, in order that we would not be able to communicate and hate each tribe. But, God is a faithful God and is allowing this hidden information to slowly resurrect. We are those written of in Deuteronomy 28:68…those captured and taken in ships to a foreign nation, hated and scattered to the 4 corners of the earth, but He has promised NEVER to cast us away, just curse generations for turning away from Him and He shall return. So much pain and sorrow today. Blessings abundant.

      • Wonderfully spoken as a black male I thank you for your comments and your consideration what you have spoken is so much more than so many others are willing to think let alone say

      • I don’t take the God part. We got to do this ourselves. I appreciate what you have said, there are very few whites who feel the way you do.

      • Hi Karen,
        I am convinced that God never intended to punish white America for slavery. You were just the instruments that God used to fulfill His promise to send His people “back into Egypt with ships”(Deuteronomy).
        What the entire white race in America will be punished for is the “System” of white supremacy that you instituted on black people after our time of punishment was over. And the only way to end this despicable system is to empower black people in America economically so that we can decide our own fate and have an infrastructure in place to support ourselves, feed ourselves, and empty your prisons of the continued free labor you are extracting from the children of slaves.
        So, yes it is time to choose a side.

      • Acknowledgment or ownership is the first step. I appreciate that. Maybe one day things will change for all who have been oppressed in this country.

    • Hebrew isrealities aka Afro-Americans should never be a shame of slavery in America. It is Americans that should be ashamed.

    • Here’s one, Di’Jon but I am unusual because I am in total agreement with the essence of this article. Having traveled and worked in Africa, I cannot believe that any African at the time would have even been able to imagine the brutality and indecency that awaited the captive slaves. I think the cruelty and savagery of the Europeans was beyond their imagination. Indentured servitude was then and still is part of life, in much of Africa but it was never inhumane in the way whites carried out their version of slavery.

    • I am ‘white’. I came here to listen and get knowledge so that I can argue effectively with racist people. Anyway, power to you

    • Uhuru, Di’jon, this is the website of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. We are the organization of white people created by and working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party. We go into the white community to raise reparations to Black Star Industries; the programs of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), for African self-determination and liberation. The person who wrote this article, which is an excerpt from her book, is white. Her name is Penny Hess, and she is the Chairwoman of the African People’s Solidarity Committee. the Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) is the mass organization of APSC. Penny Hess’ book is “Overturning the Culture of Violence.” She’s referring to the violence of colonialism ~ white violence~ inflicted upon Africans and other colonized people. Uhuru!

    • I just read this article for the first time today,I want to know how it really was,and not for arguments sake. I just feel that everyone should know the truth. I’m not looking to blame anyone or to point the finger, however….I am sick and tired of feeling like a criminal for what happened in the past. I’m well aware that it hasn’t been a good life in this country for most black folks….but I don’t want to feel the guilt anymore.

      • Then don’t feel “guilty;” instead, take responsibility for our legacy as white people; living at the expense of the Black community; which we still do to this day. To this day white families have 22 times the wealth of Black families. To this day the Black communities in cities all over is being gentrified out of existence. To this day Black people, including children, are extra-judicially murdered every 18 hours by police, vigilantes, or security guards. We have inherited the social wealth from slavery; Africans (Black people) have inherited the social poverty. You, me, and ALL white people owe #Reparations and we can pay them, right now, and join in solidarity with Black Power and African liberation. Our only future on this planet is in material solidarity with African liberation and the liberation of all colonized, oppressed people!

    • That’s because they are all on YouTube saying oh the blacks helped us with the slavery. It makes them feel better. But we all know it’s bullshit. I don’t know any Africans that would sell another African let alone sell them to a white European.

  • I am a white person. This is horrifying. No way ever to justify it and a terrible mark on our history, the problem is, we are still doing it, still well short of justice and acknowledgement, There are still people who spread the myth of complicity or just say that Africans should get over it. We are really good at genocide, and it is nothing to be proud of.

  • My heart breaks every time I read something like this. I cannot begin to imagine the suffering of my people. We should love, honor, celebrate and respect eachother deeply.

  • Not sure that the people who would say the Africans are responsible for slavery would actually take the time to read this article, ignorance is bliss

  • Di’Jon, I am white and in solidarity. It is obviously very upsetting to (re)read this litany of horrors, and it leaves me with nothing meaningful to add.

  • Invaluable information. Please continue to provide such to me via email or text at 615-944-3866. I will utilize such information in my publications THE DAYSTAR SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER’S COMMENTARY with due recognition of the source from which the information comes. Thanks

  • It may be posible to here some black justifying slavery by blaming blacks who sold blacks, but just like in the hood black people don’t make guns, yet the black community is festered with guns and drugs. The same can be said for those people who build those slave ships, and marched across Africa and had no pity or remorse to place chains on our necks, separate us from our families, rape our women, and throw over board from those slave ships those rebellious slaves. Beside, the market for salvery was not created by black people. The a scent of morality was present in the slave ship owner, and those who mastermind the triangle slave trade. No I will never blame Africans wrongfully and say they were the one responsible for slavery. For me to do so I would demonstrate the fact that I have lost my mind. Rasta fari

  • …..How can a human being so cruel toward another one based on skin difference?
    And some are still comfortable with that!
    They preach us love ,forgiveness….While they were busy destroying black civilisations , taking our lands….why why why?

  • To be honest the people that justify slavery are not bothered by facts or real history. They get sources from ‘slavery wasn’t our fault’ and all ‘non whites are savages’ library.

  • This is great article. White ppl love to justify things and not take any blame. The say we are all equal but these conditions just started to improve 50 yrs ago and we are not equal in the white world. Slavery, jim crow,racism structural and systemic still exists. Blacks are owed Reparations! White ppl are still stealing from Africa countries and charging a tax for the honor of white ppl enslaving our ppl. After we taught them to read and write and to wash and bathe and astrology and astronomy and math. The owe us big time ASE.

  • The worse that White people have done to us is to rewrite history. That’s their most destructive weapon of mass destruction against us.

    • You are correct on some level, but slavery was far more brutal that whitewashing history. We can and are resurrecting truth today. Until the story of the hunt is told by the LION, the tale of the hunt will always glorify the HUNTER. African Proverb….Information is resurrecting via historians, Biblical scholars, anthropologist, educators, truth seekers, etc. So until the history of Africa is told by Africans, the story of greatness will always glorify the IMPERIALISTS. The day of the imperialists is waning and justice shall be served. It is simply a matter of time.

  • I read an article recently in which a curator, in an American museum on African slavery in the south, described the common comments of patrons. People frequently asked if the slaves were grateful, because their masters provided them with food, clothing and shelter. They were completely ignorant of the horrors that the slaves had to face. They had this idea that the slave owners were benevolent. The majority of these types of patrons were white and from the south. I went to an excellent public school in the north of the U.S. and actually learned about how horribly slaves were treated. Our history textbook showed a picture of the scarred back of a slave and it talked about the mutilation of slave’s feet if they were caught trying to run away. When I hear of the whitewashing of the textbooks that are being accepted to be used in public schools in the state of Texas, I’m appalled. One of the textbooks refers to the slave trade as the immigration of workers! I’m am no longer surprised by the ignorance of many southerners on the topic of slavery. (In case it matters to anyone, I’m white)

    • When Black history or anything positive about Blacks is raised, they are taught to discredit, discredit, discredit. I don’t allow them to get away with their myths or fairy tales. It allows them to feel privileged and superior and I won’t ever permit such behavior in my presence, bc they are not. They are nothing more than usurpers and imposters..

    • I agree. I’m not sure which history books they use in the south, but in the north, we learned quite a bit about slavery and the indignity, the inhumanity, and that it was a very very dark mark on the pages of history, possibly the darkest as far as America is concerned. They straight up murdered, enslaved, and worked people to death for profit. Now, people that had nothing to do with it must attempt to make amends. It’s just a sad situation all around.

  • Truth will always win out,no matter how ugly it is.This story will be told as long as the suffering derived from it continues to be trivialized and the benefits of it continue to be put off as mere gain.

  • Thank you for the article. Looking forward to more. I really have a strong desire to know as much as I can about Africa and my ancestors. I just started finding out the facts about my family’s history about 10 years ago. It’s a little different when your not from America.

  • It’s all well and good to hear the positive contributions black people have made to the world till now. Black people! The system of the W hitemans world is to cause us to accept slow motion suicide or think stupid and kill ourselves. But, we know them and cannot forgive their sins. Let us respect ourselves though they are working hard to devide and rule.

  • I am contributing my quota in Holland disproving the assertion that the Ashantis sold fellow blackmen. The whites if any , or what colour , never want to tell the inner truth why Ashantis resisted and fought them without break. Rather, they want tarnish the reputation of all black bravemen and women as an avenue to cause separation and enemity between us. But, GOD forbid . We know who we are and time will tell since we are living in the era of the New Blackman. Free not we are conquerors. The truth is killing them everyday.

  • I am horrified to learn about of this torture of fellow human beings. Was especially heartbroken to read about women being forced to give birth in the field and go right on working., castrtration of the men, and little kids forced to wear iron neck collars. Surely this was evil. That the discrimination against people of color continues is abhorrent. As a Causasion, I can only protest against this nightmare along with people of all races and background til the day comes that Rev. King prophesied would come.

    • Uhuru, Daryl! Colonial conditions still exist which effect the Black/African community worldwide and within the U.S. borders. The Uhuru Solidarity Movement works under the Black/African leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party to raise reparations for African liberation and self-determination, and to overturn this brutal colonial system.

    • Or money, raiding tribes gained power, land and wealth from selling other African people. Sold mostly to European and American interests. Almost 90% of slaves were sold in South America and forced to work some of the harshest conditions on sugar cane field. Life expectancy was 7 years or less. Unfortunately why so much of the trade was there, too replenish constant losses. 10% approximately of slave trade was sold in North America. Slavery is a terrible thing, a horrible lesson to look back upon and run the other way. Unfortunately slavery still exists in other countries where they are bound to a master.

    • It was tribal warfare and NEVER an industry as Europeans developed. Captured Africans were prisoners of war. Tribes warred against one another. They were NEVER dehumanized as the Europeans brutally perpetrated. Crimes of humanity to say the least. Read the book entitled The Breeding of American Slaves and Black Breeding Machines. Your hair will stand on ends. I purchase almost every book available regarding Black History so that I will never be deceived by them again and I also teach every one interested bc the schools are complicit with those who own publishing companies, control education, Hollywood, the media etc. We must give this process due diligence bc they (the controllers..powers that be) have lied historically in order to make themselves appear superior.

  • I just don’t understand why people bring this up when a discussion on slavery in the US is brought up. And then tell us to get over it… It’s kind of annoying.

  • this is so well said and it is so sad and inhuman to see how our fore fathers and mothers were treated in the name of skin color difference and it is sad that we still have people who still treat Africans as some sort of animals.they still steal from us cause misunderstandings they are trying to use the divide and rule system to make it easy for the them to come and take over they have forgotten that this is a new era.
    how would they feel if it was done to them?i almost lost m brother who is studying in the USA simply because he is black luckily by grace of God he survived but the ones who beat him up were commenting”we are going to send you back in your jungle little Nigger u don’t belong here” really in this generation we still think like that?we welcome whites here they invest we work with them every single day some study here they are married to our sisters and brothers yet if one of us goes there he is an animal belonging to the jungle??????!!!!!! you need to think twice before acting that stupid.

  • Thanks for the article. It is always a pleasure to meet other people classified as “white” in the racial classification system who are actually NOT “white”-minded.

    I’ll visit this site further. Please check out my humble blog…

  • I’m white & I’ll say something. I have always been horrified by what was done to Africans who were forced into slavery. I can’t even imagine the mindset of those people who thought it was perfectly fine to own another human being. The inhumane treatment & torture is mind-boggling. On one hand, they said Africans were nothing more than animals or property. Yet the slave owners sure liked raping the women slaves. It’s so disgusting it’s hard to even find words to say. Slavery is a deep stain on our country & especially the people who participated in this brutal practice.

  • This really makes the whole storyl come full circle and I am glad tha someone has finally given this an honest breakdown. I mean I have herd people say this for years, and every time I would cringe, because though it might have been true in some cases, that truly was never the totality of the African agenda…

    • Uhuru! Very important to educate about the brutal colonial history faced by Africans, that is still ongoing today.

  • A shame, a stain on humanity. Millions of African died during the journey through the Middle Passage. Brought to the New World to suffer atrocities, indignity and inhuname treatment. The white man is selfish and greedy and refuses to acknowledge the horrendous part he played. He is satisfied to put the blame on African tribes who could never have imagined the wickedness and genocide of slavery. Pay Reparations Now !!!


  • Posterity is always the best judges. The current crop of Europeans seems to abhor torture, but they seems ignorant of the fact that, it was upon torture that their forefathers built the foundations of their economy and gave to their seeds the stolen fortunes of the black man. If u see a black man in a poor and shattered state, you should never forget that, he is still looking for the stolen keys to unlock that, which the white, by torture, reaped from his chest. The sufferings of the black man was, is and will be at the blame of the white who misunderstood and underestimated the black man. Current crop of Europeans must therefore, take steps to remedy the shame of their forefathers rather than putting on the innocent arrogant posture.

  • To invade innocent people rape their women, drive them off their land, torture & imprison them for putting up a resistance. How would/could anyone describe such acts by humans, against other human beings?

  • I am a Black African man born in Africa now living in the USA!
    I have independently theorized that Africans NEVER sold anyone since a human(of any color) being does not have a price tag. Dr. Bamba(SC), hc.

  • How did the African’s decide which people were to be sold as slaves? Could it be that it was based on religion? Black Jews that were dispersed in middle Africa, the descendants of the Twelve Tribes of Israel could have been easy targets because they were IN Africa but not African ? Peace

  • We, Africans forgot we did the same thing to Europeans who were enslaved (see Mormons) by us. YES YOU READ ME WELL. We were one of the first to enslave white people!
    Most people don’t even “know” history and accept whatever information is thrown at them.

    But my main point is the following. BEFORE black slavery, there was greatness! Africa is the origin of knowledge (see Ancient Egypt), mathematics, science, arts, archeology….
    Before its “first contact” with Africa, Europe was inhabited by naked people walking around without science and advanced knowledge.

    “When we were embracing the arts and sciences on the banks of the Nile, their (Europeans) ancestors were still drinking human blood and eating out of the skulls of their conquered dead; when our civilization had reached the noonday of progress they were still running naked and sleeping in holes and caves with rats, bats and other insects and animals. After we had already unfathomed the mysteries of the stars and reduced the heavenly constellations to minute and regular calculus they were still backwoodsmen, living in ignorance and blatant darkness.”
    ~ Marcus Garvey

    • Never and I do mean ever have to ever been a case where Africans and slave such a large number of whites and committed the atrocities that they have a lot of what you said was true But the part about us and slaving whites is ridiculous not because it never happen but because it was never even so much as a drop in the bucket compared to the atrocities on the African continent

  • I am relieved to see this. But here’s the thing, had the concept of inferior beings had never been formulated in the minds of people, the concept, let alone the reality of enslavement would never have become a reality in human existence.

    • Uhuru, Jean! Racism is and was used to justify the colonial oppression of Africans and other colonized people.

  • I find it interesting as a teenager because in certain parts of where I live, in schools, this is not being taught. I ask and beg that it be part of the curriculum , so people fully understand the torture done to us (back people) by Europeans. This questions pops up all the time and I never had an answer but I responded in anger as to why is that the concern of a Black Person who is oppressed? Why is it your concern when your ancestors have been raped by European’s? It hurts how white washed Americans are by Willie Lynch and Jim Crow laws. That have corrupted us for years as they planned it to do so.

  • My only concern isn’t on the reparations being made… can these reparations ever be compared/equivalent to the traumatizing pain they inflicted upon our ancestors?

    • No, but given the black situation in America today, it is the ONLY answer to our continued existence. The black man is obsolete in white society which is why they re trying to try 13-yr-old black boys as adults and lock them u for life, but not put that stigma on white kids.
      If you do not understand that they fully intend to use the prison and medical systems to kill us, then you do not understand how reparations can free us from this fate.

    • Absolutely not… however, they should give it their best shot. With that being said, your question is often times used as an excuse to do nothing and pretend as though we’re not owed anything. Oh well… the damage has been done, and there’s nothing we can do about it… NEXT! The truth is so terrible, yet their white privileged arrogance is so insurmountable to the point of no return for most whites. My high school aged daughter told me today that the running “inside joke” from whites to the so called black descendants of slaves in her school is “I’m sorry for what my people did to your people” as they smirk, smile and/or laugh in their faces. It’s amazing how a people(s) can be raped, robbed, spoiled, tortured, beaten, fed to crocks and crushed under foot as babes, “buck broken”, skinned for purses and shoes, stripped from cultural & identity, renamed several times, stripped of heritage, stripped of language and of our God, you name it… yet nothing is owed. We were the first thing to be sold on Wall Street. They made merchandise of us. Point, blank, period. Some people/nations hands-down are just natural born killers. How many animals and indigenous people must go into extinction until people can truly understand. These people will only give reparations to other whites, not us. Even if the atrocities committed to those people didn’t happen here in the US. ( Sound familiar, anyone?) Over the last few hundred years white people as a nation have made it perfectly and unmistakably clear that they hate us with a vengeance, and would rather die than to give us one damn cent that they feel we DON’T deserve.

  • I am 57 year old white woman, I’m not racist at all. My grandmothers instilled LOVE in my heart for all people. From what I’ve been told none of my lineage owned a slave, I have not researched that myself. I never saw my family mistreat an African-American, I’ve never mistreated one myself, I’ve had African-American friends and still have. My parents taught me two wrongs don’t make it right. We need to LOVE each other and stay United and count our blessings and not act out in violence. There are many white people that helped free the slaves, helped them even now. Please don’t be racist towards all white people, we aren’t all bad, just like you aren’t all bad.

    • Uhuru, Cathy. This movement isn’t about me or you personally. It’s about white solidarity with African liberation. Even though (obviously) you and I don’t “own slaves,” and even if “no one in [my/your] family” owned slaves, our ancestors collectively ~ white Europeans ~ were responsible for the genocide of Native/Indigenous persons and the kidnapping and enslavement of African persons, and we continue to benefit from the legacy of the oppression of African people, and other colonized people, to this day. So that is what reparations are about; it’s not about “guilt,” or “being racist.” There’s nothing ‘racist’ about addressing actually existing colonial conditions and oppression which Africans in the U.S. are faced with. There is a really great video of APSC Chair Penny Hess, explaining it very eloquently, I’d like to link to it here for you and for subsequent readers, Cathy! Penny Hess Speech at Black is Back Coalition

  • My heart bleeds when I remember and ponder this sordid part of human history. How cruel could part of humanity have been on the other part of humanity? How could humans take other humans as sub humans because of their colour?
    What about in the case where the English enslaved the Irish, same colour same blue eyes etc, what would you call that?
    Then you have the Japanese literally enslaving the chinese.
    Now you have Israelis literally wiping out the Palestinians.
    Where are we?

    • They didn’t do it because of our skin color, they did it because they wanted what we have and they did not.. They didn’t have nothing so they took other people’s resourses, and the people to build the world they have today. Then they lie and brag about what they have accomplished. No one has stayed in power forever.

  • I am not here to argue over the truth of this article but as a person who is skeptical about anything read on the Internet you may want to fix one thing. This article was written September of 2014 yet comments on this article are claiming to be 46 and 47 years old (before the Internet was even invented).

    • Uhuru, Crystal! That’s a recurring glitch we are working on it, has to do w/ the software that manages the comments.

  • “They” want us to forget slavery and the 450 hundred years of free labor, torture, kidnapping, human trafficking, murders, oppression, etc.. that is attached to it because they do not want to pay $$ reparations to African Americans. The cost of at least paying their dues to Africans born in and living in America would turn the wealthy & 1% into the tails, or into the bottoms of the world. Maybe not that drastic, but enough for a major shift. There is world wide genocide in place of Black and Brown people for a reason, they never want us on top, never at or above their financial, priviledged level of success or freedom and control. The slave era were the best times in history for them and they’d do anything unjust, immoral to have those times back in effect.

  • Beautiful artical, I plan on sharing with my children. I have relatives who push the “Africans are just as guilty as we are” rhetoric and it makes me sick to my stomach. On a funny note…… at a recent family gathering in South Carolina we were talking about our ancestors. They were telling of how the family was so rich back in the day that my great grandmother never even brushed her own hair until she was in her twenties. Looking around at the not so glamorous conditions of the area now, my niece said ” wow, what happened?” I piped in “we lost our free labor”……. I am not so popular down home ??

    • UHURU Mark! Thank you so much for sharing that here! #Reparations is the only way to pay back that legacy of inherited social wealth we as white people still benefit from, regardless of our current wealth. What a profound anecdote! <3

  • This is a very important and relevant article that ALL should read. It certainly puts to rest all the
    allegations that Whites like to hold up to the light about Africans enslaving their own.
    As the truth is continually being uncovered hopefully the school textbooks will one day be rewritten
    and willful ignorance will be a thing of the past.

  • Just one question for you Mr. Ramirez.. would you ask a Jew not to teach his holocaust to his children? I’m most certain you wouldn’t. What’s happening here is an attempt to put history into educate our people about what transpired in the past and not to stir hatred. Most of our people probably believe the European narrative about Afrikans selling other this is an attempt to correct that false narrative. To understand why Afrikans are so tragically dysfunctional have to understand the history of what slavery colonialism and neocolonialism did to the minds of a great people..and I do agree with you it was done to your people and others too..Eduardo Galeano’s Open Veins of Latin America.

    A people without any knowledge of their history is like a tree without roots..Idaltu Marcs Mosia Garvey.

  • It is shameful, Adoye Obatundo, to talk about ‘Africans did this and that first to white people”. Your mastery of history is depleted and even a disappointment.The “Shock Truth” you just gave us earlier will not lessen our deep and true understanding of the UGLINESS and horrors committed by, and the utter savagery of the imperialistic beasts on Black people around the world!NO WAY.
    I am extremely proud of my black history regardless of whatever flaws may exist in it, dear girl.(I assume you are a woman, if not, my mistake.) I am honored to inherit a magnificent heritage of a people who were intellectually,spiritually,morally and culturally very highly developed.Imitated by the world indeed in these modern times.
    Nothing ancient Africans may have done to non-black ethnic groups can ever be on par with the extreme evils of colonialism and slavery!NOTHING.Don’t educate us with half-intelligent false equivalencies that do not help to put anything in place, or even push this important debate of our African history forward.
    We “heard you” alright, but you did not enlighten us with much from the first statement you made .You just created space to compel us to help you straighten out your sloppy angle.
    We all have a responsibility to go that crucial extra mile in putting the pieces of African history together, and to get it right.
    NB:This article wasn’t written decades ago, no, 26/06/2018.

  • Although I know some humans are amazingly horrific, it always astounds me that any human anywhere could be so cruel. I think why would a human do those things? how could a person follow through with such atrocities or worse yet create the thought/ plan in the first place?? I will never understand cruelty of innocent humans. I love humans until an individual has given me a reason not to. even still, I have never attacked or tortured those who have treated me unwell with such extent. I think if I had been enslaved I probably would’ve asked for death. but I suppose we never know how strong we are until we are forced to be. I can not change others minds, but I will always wish others well and will stand up when I can, vote when I can, and live my life in such a way to inspire others to love as well. peace be with you all

  • What can be accomplished? The US Gov would have formal record of a gesture to make amends. It is a systematic, national position to recognize and facilitate a fresh direction forward . I dont know how successful that would be. Was the nation as a whole, ready for the Civil Rights Act AT THAT TIME? Or did the Gov lead the way forward? Some think that our leaders stepped out in front that time. That’s certainly noble. Wish they’d always do that. Was the nation ready for Gay Marriage AT THAT TIME? Many feel society was ahead of our political leaders here. Our political system had been slow and resistant in embracing human rights until rather suddenly it had to catch up with cultural norms. I’m making the argument that our leaders have a role to play by leading, and that their actions can affect society and culture, sometimes for the better.

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