May 19th: Happy Birthday, Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh!

Remember that the storm is a good opportunity for the pine and the cypress to show their strength and their stability.” – HO CHI MINH

“You think you can win in South Vietnam? The French were deeply entrenched. The French were deeply entrenched in Vietnam for a hundred years or so. They had the best weapons of warfare, a highly mechanized army, everything that you would need. And the guerrillas come out of the rice paddies with nothing but sneakers on and a rifle and a bowl of rice, nothing but gym shoes—tennis shoes—and a rifle and a bowl of rice. And you know what they did in Dien Bien Phu. They ran the French out of there. And if the French were deeply entrenched and couldn’t stay there, then how do you think someone else is going to stay there, who is not even there yet. Yes, all of them are brothers. They had a bowl of rice and a rifle and some shoes. I don’t care whether they came from China or South Vietnam. And the French aren’t there anymore. We don’t care how they did it; they’re not there anymore. The same thing will happen in the Congo.” – MALCOLM X ON THE VIETNAMESE REVOLUTION

“To embrace the ideas of Malcolm X is to embrace the ideas of African Internationalism and the ideas of African Internationalism are opposite and contradictory to the ideals of Americanism. The ideals of African Internationalism promote freedom from oppression and injustice. These ideals promote freedom and independence.” – CHAIRMAN OMALI YESHITELA ON MALCOLM X

On today, May 19th, the birthday of Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh, we honor and celebrate two of the most heroic and influential revolutionary leaders in the worldwide anti-colonial struggle.

Malcolm X was a major leader in the Black Liberation Movement of the 1960s whose passionate call for independence and Black Power for the African community inspired and mobilized the masses of African people inside this country.

Ho Chi Minh was one of the primary leaders of the Vietnamese Revolution who led one of the most profound anti-colonial struggles in history, serving US imperialism with a humiliating defeat and exposing imperialism as a paper tiger.

Malcolm X and Ho Chi Minh are embodiments of internationalist revolutionary solidarity. Ho Chi Minh showed solidarity with the struggle for African Liberation and even attended and was inspired by meetings of the Marcus Garvey movement in the 1920s. Malcolm X strongly condemned the US war on Vietnam and called for support of the heroic Vietnamese resistance.

Today, the African People’s Socialist Party is seizing the crisis of imperialism as the opportunity to complete the struggle for which Malcolm and Ho Chi Minh fought and died– the struggle for national liberation and self-determination for the Africans and other oppressed peoples of the world.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement calls for North Americans, Europeans or white people to stand in solidarity with the ongoing struggle of Africans and other colonized peoples to reclaim their resources, freedom and destinies and throw off the yoke of colonial domination once and for all.

Long Live Malcolm X, Long Live Ho Chi Minh!
Imperialism must go!
Join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

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