North Korea publishes report on US imperialism’s human rights abuses

Uhuru Solidarity Movement Editor’s Note:

As the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, a white organization that works under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party (APSP), we recognize that African people suffer under colonial domination by U.S. imperialism and general white population.

Racism or “Racialism” is the ideological underpinning of colonialism,¬† the ideas in white people’s heads. Chairman Omali Yeshitela of the APSP explains to us that Africans are not a race but a people who constitute an African nation that has been dispersed throughout the world by European and U.S. colonialism.

However, Kim Jong Un of DPRK correctly observed that ever since the ratification of the thirteenth amendment on December 1865, the condition of African people in this country has not improved since the days of chattel slavery.

The political and economic gap has actually grown between whites and Africans. White families have 22 times the wealth of African people. The so-called Voting Rights Act that was recently reversed by the Supreme Court is another example of the U.S. government trying to deprive Africans of any political space to determine their own future, as the growing resistance of African people against this parasitic brutal system increases.

With the murder of Trayvon Martin and the majority of the white population condoning the acquittal of George Zimmerman, white citizens can legally  gun down young Africans at will under the Stand your ground law, while denying Africans to the right to resist white vigilante attacks under the same law such in the case of the 71-year-old African man, Trevor Dooley, found guilty of manslaughter in Florida after he shot and killed his white attacker.

The U.S. media and government never mention the fact that every 28 hours an African person is murdered by the police or white vigilantes, nor the fact that 1 out of 8 prisoners in the entire world is an African man locked up inside the U.S.

These are same colonial conditions that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea face at the hands of US imperialism, after a series of U.S and European imposed famines in what is currently known as “North” Korea (“South” Korea is occupied by U.S. imperialism.) For this, it is an honor to publish this insightful article by President Kim Jong Un, striking a blow of truth at the American white power empire.

Uhuru Solidarity Movement stands in uncompromising solidarity with all oppressed peoples fighting to smash U.S. and European colonialism forever! White people have lived off of the stolen birth rights of billions of colonized peoples around globe for centuries. It’s time for Reparations! Its time to turn over the stolen loot drenched in blood. This is a call for us to join humanity and take responsibility.

Join the international campaign of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement to build “Days in Solidarity with African People” (DSAP) themed “All Resources Are Blood Resources! Africa’s Resources are Africa’s Birthright! Reparations Now!” across the US and throughout the world. The DSAP events are our tribute from the European/North American or white community to the struggles of African people in the US and around the world for their self-determination and liberation.

The DSAP campaign calls for white people everywhere to take a stand for reparations to African people. Whether it’s the oil in our cars to the clothes on our backs, everything we have has come at the expense of colonialism, slavery and genocide against Africans and other oppressed peoples.

Build a “Day in Solidarity with African People” event in your city, campus or community. Take the pledge of solidarity with African people and raise resources to support the economic development and self-determination programs of the African People’s Socialist Party.

April 30. 2014 Juche 103: News Analysis on Poor Human Rights Records in US

Pyongyang, April 30 (KCNA) — Shortly ago, the United States had a ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary of the institution of citizenship act in the presence of President Obama.

As the world’s worst human rights abuser, it pretended to be a “model” in human rights performance. More ridiculous are Obama’s remarks at the ceremony that as the president, he came to realize that it is hard to make progress in the American society and there are some discouraging points.

In fact, the remarks are little different from his admission of the serious human rights situation in the U.S.

Under the citizenship act, racialism is getting more severe in the U.S. The gaps between the minorities and the whites are very wide in the exercise of such rights to work and elect. The U.S. true colors as a kingdom of racial discrimination was fully revealed by last year’s case that the Florida Court gave a verdict of not guilty to a white policeman who shot to death an innocent black boy.

That’s why 52 percent of the Americans have said that racism still exists in the country while 46 percent contended that all sorts of discrimination would be everlasting.

The U.S. is a living hell as elementary rights to existence are ruthlessly violated.

At present, an average of 300,000 people a week are registered as unemployed, but any proper measure has not been taken.

The housing price soared 11.5 percent last year than 2012 and 13.2 percent in January this year than 2013, leaving many people homeless.

The number of impoverished people increased to 46.5 millions last year, and one sixth of the citizens and 20-odd percent of the children are in the grip of famine in New York City.

All sorts of crimes rampant in the U.S. pose a serious threat to the people’s rights to existence and their inviolable rights.

The U.S. government has monitored every movement of its citizens and foreigners, with many cameras and tapping devices and even drones involved, under the pretext of “national security”.

Meanwhile, bills on easing arms control were adopted in various states of the country, boosting murderous crimes. As a result, the U.S. has witnessed an increasing number of gun-related crimes in all parts of the country and even its military bases this year. In this regard, the United Nations on April 10 put the U.S. on the top of the world list of homicide rates.

The U.S. also has 2.2 millions of prisoners at present, the highest number in the world. For lack of prisons on the part of the government, individuals are providing detention facilities to make money.

A Russian TV said that in the U.S. the wealthy classes are now keen on the investment in providing private prisons for their high profit and so more people will be imprisoned.

Such poor human right records in the U.S. are an inevitable product of the ruling quarters’ policy against humanity.

Its chief executive, Obama, indulges himself in luxury almost every day, squandering hundred millions of dollars on his foreign trip in disregard of his people’s wretched life.

It is also the president who called for respect to the verdict of not guilty given to a white policeman’s racialism and backed the unlawful monitoring and tapping activities.

The U.S. is the world’s worst human right abuser and tundra of a human being’s rights to existence.

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