URGENT! Need Allies at Chula Vista Courthouse Tomorrow Morning at 7:30 am!

Free Kwame Agomou!

End White Nationalist Attacks on the African and Mexican Communities!

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement (USM) calls on all its members and supporters to participate in this urgent call-to-action to defend Kwame Agomou!On October 11, long time member of the African People’s Socialist Party and International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), Kwame Agomou, was attacked by white nationalist vigilante Daniel Crane in San Ysidro, the border town just north of Tijuana in San Diego County.

KWAMEThis is how you can get involved:

Call In Campaign/Email Campaign:Demand that the Judge dismiss the charges against Kwame immediately! Judge Stephanie Sontag
Phone:Judge’s clerk is C. TARAS – 619-746-6016 (courtroom)

Demand that the District Attorney drop all charges against Kwame! The African community has a right to defend itself against white nationalist attacks!
DA Lauren Ogata
Phone: (619) 498-566
Email: lauren.ogata@sdcda.org

Attend the Rally at Pre-trial hearing!
We will mobilize at Chula Vista Courthouse at on November 6, 2013
Rally: Arrive at 7:30 am
Hearing: 8:30 am
500 3rd Ave
Chula Vista, CA 91910 On the Corner of H St & 3rd Ave

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Take a stand of solidarity for longtime activist!

Crane has a history of antagonizing African and Mexican activists that spans more than a decade. This time Crane assaulted Kwame in a McDonald’s near the trolley station in an area with no cameras, a tactic he has frequently used to attack others in the African and Raza communities. Kwame resisted and defended himself against this vicious attack.In the true nature of the state, when the border patrol agent arrived, the agent came to the aid of Crane and immediately made Kwame out to be the villain, resulting in Kwame being taken to jail and Crane to the hospital!

Members of Unión del Barrio, a Mexican liberation organization, and InPDUM were immediately contacted and are mobilizing the community to free Kwame Agomou and demand an end to white nationalist attacks against African and Mexican people!As a veteran organizer, Kwame Agomou has been on the frontline of the struggle for justice in the African community since the eighties. This is why Kwame was attacked. African people have the right to resist the colonialist violence against them whether it is by individuals or by the state itself.

In San Diego, the African and Mexican communities live in crippling conditions of poverty, with no real economic development. Instead the police and vigilantes like Daniel Crane patrol the African and Mexican community, harassing, threatening and terrorizing the people. Just like Mehserle who killed Oscar Grant,  Zimmerman who killed Trayvon Martin, and Brian Cloninger who shot the 8 year old African boy in the face, they are carrying out a public policy of police containment! USM unites with the call by InPDUM for economic development – NOT police containment, that African and Mexican people have a right to defend themselves against colonial violence and that we from the white community must take a stand and support justice for Kwame Agomou and all African people who are terrorized and criminalized by this system! The peace and prosperity in the white community has come at the direct expense of these colonized communities. USM calls on others from the white community to say we will not accept prosperity at the expense of anyone else!

Participate in this call-to-action today – take a stand for justice in the African and Mexican community!
Contact USM San Diego at sandiego@uhurusolidarity.org!

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