Stop the white nationalist attacks on the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement in San Diego

Build principled solidarity with the movement for African liberation!

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement, the organization of white people working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, stands in unconditional solidarity with the Party-led International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM), the mass formation based in cities and countries around the world with the mandate of defending the democratic rights of African people everywhere.

For more than 20 years InPDUM has organized and mobilized against the brutal conditions of colonialism imposed on African People inside the U.S. and around the world.

InPDUM has stood up against the continual police murders and violence that plague African people every day.

InPDUM has campaigned against the massive U.S. imprisonment of African people. The largest prison system in the entire world, the U.S. gulag is filled with African and other oppressed peoples in a multi-billion dollar prison industry that has fed the U.S. economy benefitting the white population for the past half century.

InPDUM has stood up for African children in the police-filled, criminalizing institutions called schools that where African youth are brutalized. InPDUM has defended African teachers, college students, women, same gender-loving people and workers.

InPDUM has defended African tenants against mass eviction and has organized homeless African people to defend themselves against their conditions. InPDUM stood up for African homeowners who lost their homes after being targeted by parasitic banks and mortgage lenders.

InPDUM is everywhere, organizing for political and economic power in the hands of the African community, for reparations and for an end to the violent containment policies forced on Africans through US imposed militarized police forces and counterinsurgent methods.

Uhuru Solidarity Movement organizes in the Euro-American communities to win other white people to open our eyes to this brutal reality faced by African people right here inside the U.S. and around the world.

We call on white people to take a stand in solidarity with the just and historic struggle of African people for liberation and self-determination—so that there will never be another Trayvon Martin or Oscar Grant; so that there will never be another African person oppressed, impoverished, displaced, murdered or demeaned by white power or white people here or anywhere in on this planet.

With this understanding the Uhuru Solidarity Movement opposes and denounces the interventionist and white nationalist actions of two of our former members in San Diego, CA. These forces, Cathy Mendonca and Aaron Leaf, do not represent USM in any way.

Instead of taking up the work of building solidarity in the white community to stand against the life-threatening and oppressive conditions faced by African people in San Diego, Mendonca and Leaf have opportunistically and self-servingly taken it upon themselves to attack Jah Sun Kine, the organizer there who upholds the responsibility to lead InPDUM in this city.

Under the banner of bourgeois feminism and anarchism, Mendonca and Leaf  have engaged in private and public slander against Jah Sun, claiming that they are acting in defense of the interests of African women after Jah Sun posted a promo for a hip hop concert.

Even before this incident the two have stalked Jah Sun in person and on facebook with slanderous posts, text messages and other forms of unprincipled attacks designed to undermine the efforts of Jah Sun to build the InPDUM in San Diego. Mendonca has also intervened with USM conversations with other North American and European supporters and members in a way that attempts to undermine their solidarity.

If Mendonca and Leaf were serious about defending African women they would protest the daily U.S. government attacks on African women in the form of the dehumanizing social services agencies. They would campaign against the increasing number of African women being pushed into the prison system. They would protest the U.S. police departments’ murder and harassment of Africa women and their children and other family members.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement is the mass organization of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, formed the African People’s Socialist Party in 1976 to organize other white people, based on the understanding that the system of parasitic capitalism arose through the enslavement of African people and the genocide of the Indigenous people. This was a process that created a pedestal of wealth, opportunity and power for all white people to live and aspire to upward mobility at the expense of African people and the majority of the peoples of the world.

USM and APSC organize to win reparations from the white community for the 500 years of enslavement, colonialism and genocide against the African people that the white world has participated in and benefitted from, recognizing that a principled relationship to African people is in the best interests of white people and the planet as a whole.

USM struggles for principled solidarity with the anti-colonial movement of African people for power and self-determination.

If Mendonca and Leaf are truly concerned about the interests of African women and African people, they should know that the African People’s Socialist Party and International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement have always had an unwavering commitment to the liberation of African women.

They can easily read the Party and Uhuru Movement’s position on the question of African women in every issue of The Burning Spear newspaper in the Party’s 14-Point Platform. They can see the reality that the majority of the leadership of the Party is women and they can view and read the presentations and written positions put forth by African women in the Party and in InPDUM that are available on Uhuru News.

We in the Uhuru Solidarity Movement uncompromisingly condemn the reactionary, white nationalist and subversive activities of Cathy Mendonca and Aaron Leaf.  We unite with the call by the Uhuru Movement for us, as the white oppressor nation population, to take responsibility for our own communities and for the legacy of slavery and parasitic capitalism from which we benefit, not attempt to control and attack the self-determined movement of African people.

Again, we want to clarify to our members, supporters, friends and allies that Cathy Mendonca and Aaron Leaf are not members of our organization or any other front of the Uhuru Movement. They cannot and do not represent the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

Moreover we call on all of our members to step up and reaffirm your stance of principled solidarity with African self-determination by building and supporting the USM-led Days in Solidarity with African People scheduled for Oct. 16-17 in San Diego and to participate in the 6th Congress of the African People’s Socialist Party, December 7-11 in St Petersburg, FL ( 

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement calls on all white people to stand on the side of the African working class struggling to end this 500 year legacy of enslavement and oppression.

Stand in solidarity with the right of African workers and peasants to build revolutionary organization to liberate themselves and Africa.

Stand against the police, the prisons, and all other manifestations of the colonial state. We stand against white left, ideological imperialist forces, klu klux kommunist opportunists such as Cathy Mendonca and Aaron Leafe who carry out the will of imperialist white power against the African liberation movement.

Take the pledge of solidarity with African people today and join the Uhuru Solidarity Movement at Attend the Day in Solidarity with African People events in San Diego, California being coordinated by Uhuru Solidarity Movement and the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement.

Wed, Oct 16, 2013, 6:30pm: San Diego State University, Hepner Hall, Room 130, San Diego, CA

Thur, Oct 17, 2013, 6:00pm: World Beat Cultural Center, 2100 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA

Take a stand to support this African working class led movement. Click here to view the full list of Day in Solidarity with African People events throughout the U.S.


National Steering Committee, Uhuru Solidarity Movement



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