USM demands Justice for Clinton Allen, 25-year-old African murdered by Dallas police (PHOTOS)

Comrade Stu Becker of Uhuru Solidarity Movement standing for justice for Clinton Allen

  On Saturday, September 21, in Dallas, TX,  the Uhuru Solidarity Movement took a stand for “Justice for Clinton Allen” at a demonstration hosted by the Justice for Clinton Allen Coalition. The Justice for Clinton Allen Coalition is led by Collette Flanagan, Clinton Allen’s mother.

On March 10, 2013, Clinton Allen, an unarmed 25-year old African man, was shot and killed by Dallas Police Officer, Clark Staller, badge #9514. Clinton was shot seven times by Staller, five times in his chest, once in his left arm, and one final shot fired at close range in his back. Clinton was the father of twin infant sons.

The demonstrators protested outside of the “Conversations about Race” event at the Dallas City Performance Hall hosted by the city of Dallas. “Conversations about Race” was co-chaired by Mayor Michael S. Rawlings, Councilmember Dwaine R. Caraway and Dallas County Commissioner Elba Garcia.

The demonstrators chanted, “No justice! No peace!” “9514 your badge is not clean!” and “The people united will never be defeated!” The demonstrators chanted loudest and most frequently when people walked into the Dallas City Performance Hall for the “Conversations about Race” event and as people walked out when the event ended.

Uhuru Solidarity Movement signs read, “End the war on the black community! White people, stand in solidarity with the struggle for black self-determination!” and “Justice for Clinton Allen and all black people murdered every 28 hours by the police.”

Since 2001, more than 60 unarmed African men have been gunned down by Dallas police officers.

The Dallas County district attorney has not prosecuted a single officer for killing these unarmed African men.Staller, a white officer, remains on active duty. Staller has previously tried to run over a fleeing “suspect” with his squad car.

In the United States, the police represent the frontlines of U.S. imperialism in the internally colonized African communities. The police are an occupying colonial army in the African community, similar to the U.S. military’s occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement reported that in 2012, an African person was gunned down by a police officer, a security guard, or a vigilante every 28 hours.

IMG_5938With organizers on the ground in Texas, cities across Florida and California, Philadelphia, PA, and elsewhere, USM unites with the demand of the African community for reparations from the US, Europe and white people in general for 500 years of slavery and genocide that continues today.

We understand that Clinton Allen is not an anomaly. He is another victim on this ongoing war against African people waged by our government, in our name, for our benefit.

We call on other white people like ourselves to take a stand against this vicious system. We stand on the side of the oppressed.

We call on you to join us in taking the pledge of solidarity with African people, a concrete expression of our support for the struggle of African people in the US and around the world to reclaim economic and political power over their lives, so that there won’t be another Clinton Allen, another Trayvon Martin, another Oscar Grant, another African murdered every 28 hours.

Take the Pledge of Solidarity to say “I oppose the targeting of black communities by policies of heavy-handed policing and discriminatory sentencing guidelines resulting in police brutality and more than a million African people in prisons rather than in colleges or the workforce.

I pledge my commitment to the African-led movement for reparations, self-reliance and justice, and stand in support of the Days in Solidarity with African People.”

At the same time you’re supporting programs of economic development, led by the African community.

No Justice! No Peace!
Stop the War on the Black Community!
Africans have the Right to Resist!


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  • Dallas Tx is now on the radar. Dallas has long been very clever with keeping their ‘dirty laundry” of killing Black men within Dallas. Mothers will no longer stand for their children being murdered by the very institution that swore to ‘serve and protect” not “Kill a Black man when you can” oath. Thank you for such a truthful “no bars” story. It’s time to make a change in this city!

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