The “Days in Solidarity with African People” campaign is growing! (PHOTOS)

The Days in Solidarity with African People campaign is constantly winning members, bringing informative events to communities, and raising funds to reach the Uhuru Solidarity Movement’s $14,000 pledge goal towards the programs of the Uhuru Movement under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party. .

As the campaign spreads across the country, organizers are going out to campuses, political demonstrations, events and hitting the the streets to raise support for Days in Solidarity with African People.

Below are some photos from the south and north regions:

St.Petersburg, FL USM organizers set up an outreach table, with new copies of the Burning Spear and home made vegan dark chocolate chip cookies for sale, at USF Tampa Campus. It was quite successful, raising funds and winning one new student member!


St.Petersburg organizers also attended a rally in Tampa to show USM stands in solidarity with the Syrian people! Johann holds up a sign that makes it clear that the organization terrorizing the majority of the world’s people is the U.S. Government and we recognize an attack on Syria is an attack on the Syrian people!


Major successful fundraiser of the weekend was the community yard sale at Crescent Lake Park. St.Petersburg organizers and supporters donated a wide variety of items, including clothing, books, games and even big name items like darkroom equipment and a bike.  It was a hot day so the cold bottles of water sold well, too. It’s easy to do a yard sale or look into some other fundraising ideas here.



Organizers in Philadelphia, PA  did outreach at the African People’s Education and Defense Fund flea market. Meeting new people and drawing them to come out for the potluck and viewing party on October 24th.


Now it’s your turn to get out there! Need some help on where to start or get some materials? Check here for your regional organizer or email us: .

Not just ready to get out there yet, but want to Take the Pledge of Solidarity? Do it online right now : Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African and help us reach our pledge goal of $14,000 by October. Every dollar will go to the programs of the Uhuru Movement.

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