“Stop and Frisk” officially ends; U.S. war on the black community does not

Jeffrey Kilibwa, found lynched on August 6th

News from around the web:

African man in New Jersey is most recent victim of white vigilante violence.  Born in Kenya, the 61-year-old man was found hanging from a tree with hands tied behind his back.  Police cover-up foul play. This lynching is part of a war on the African community, where every 28 hours an African man woman or child is murdered by the State or by an Euro-american vigilante. Read more:


Atlanta hospital attempts murder of a 15-year-old African child who is dying from an enlarged heart. He has less than 6 months to live if he doesn’t receive an emergency heart transplant. To justify their attack, they slander the child as a criminal.  U.S. hospitals are white colonial institutions that deny Africans access  to their healthcare. Read more:



News from the Uhuru Movement:

Justice for Trayvon Martin will be won in the streets – not in a U.S. courtroom!

By Omowale Kefing

Immediately following the verdict, U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama loudly pro­claimed, “The jury has spoken.”
This verdict, validating and encouraging colonial violence against Africans, brought forth by a jury and court of Zimmerman’s peers is what U.S. white power has always meant to the colo­nized African population inside U.S. borders—a continued state of terrorist oppression. Read more:


By International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement



Even before the term “stop and frisk” was invented the colonial police forces were stopping and frisking Africans in this country and worldwide. Sometimes it was called apartheid and the pass laws.  Sometimes it was called “racial profiling”.  Sometimes it was called “Jim Crow”.  Sometimes it was called the search and capture of runaway slaves.  Sometimes it was called “pigs terrorizing our communities.”  But it has always been, objectively speaking, a colonial military occupation of the African community which has ALWAYS functioned without regard for what the law may say at any given time. Read More: http://inpdumresistance.wordpress.com/2013/08/13/peoples-resistance-forces-end-to-stop-and-frisk-policy-struggle-against-colonial-occupation-must-intensify/

Want to make a real challenge against these conditions you just read about? By Taking the Pledge of Solidarity you show you do not unite with these viscous conditions imposed by colonialism; your pledge will go towards programs of The Uhuru Movement to support sustainable economic development in the hands of the African community. Leave your own statement to explain why you are Taking the Pledge and share with your friends to let them know there is an opportunity to be in genuine solidarity with African and oppressed people.
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