Uhuru Solidarity Movement: “There’s a War on the African Community in the U.S.”


Kefira Baron, Uhuru Solidarity Movement Information and Education Chair and local organizer in Miami, Florida spoke at One Struggle’s Anti-Imperialism discussion on July 28, 2013.

The speech focused on a fundamental element of imperialism: the war on the African community, specifically going on inside the United States of America.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movements calls on white people and other allies to Take the Pledge of Solidarity  with African People to let this system know we don’t support constant police containment and acts of terror carried out by the State in the African community.

Taking the pledge of solidarity means we support African peoples right to resist and their right to build programs of economic development and self-determination.

No more Trayvon Martins! No more Oscar Grants! No more Decarlos Moores!

Build Days in Solidarty with African People.

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