Uhuru Solidarity Movement Demands Justice for Trayvon Martin (Photos + Video)

DSC_0286The news that George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY spread like wildfire. Further proof that the court system will continue to let any cop, or cop-wannabe like Zimmerman, walk free after murdering an African person pointe blank under this system of colonialism. 

The Uhuru Movement immediately called for a demonstrations, denouncing the calls by Obama, the police and the media at large that the African community must “stay calm”. 

Every 28 hours an African person in the U.S. is killed by the police! This is a war! They want to act like Trayvon Martin’s murder was unique – but in fact it is common place in the African community!

The Uhuru Movement led a motorcade and powerful demonstration in Sanford, FL on Friday and then the morning after the verdict was announced, InPDUM assembled at a major intersection in the African community of south St. Petersburg and led a bold and courageous demonstration of Africans and allies.



Click here for more photos of the powerful demonstration in St.Petersburg, FL

The message was clear from InPDUM: “We will not peacefully watch our children die!” As the media, liberals and reactionary politicians called for “peace” and “calm,” the Uhuru Movement and the African community stood up and demanded, “No peace on the plantation. First justice, then peace that will last…”

[flickr video=9302130917 show_info=true secret=661fd7de19 w=400 h=225]

Uhuru Solidarity Movement joined the demonstrations and made the demand for “Reparations Now!” and calling for everyone to join the Days in Solidarity with African People campaign by going online to uhurusolidarity.org and Taking the Pledge of Solidarity!

Members of Uhuru Solidarity Movement in Philadelphia, PA participated as a USM contingent to the Sunday, July 14th “Justice for Trayvon Martin!” march and rally beginning at Philly’s Love Park and marching down Market Street to Independence Mall and back.

This action drew between 700-1,000 participants from across the city, and had a militant stance, chanting “No Justice! No Peace!” and “We’re fired up! Can’t take it no more!” The USM contingent took a strong stand in solidarity with the African community-led march, boldly displaying signs that read:

“Justice for Trayvon Martin and ALL Africans killed every 28 hours in the U.S.,”
“We are NOT all Trayvon Martin, BUT white people CAN join the struggle for justice as allies in solidarity!” and
“Africans have a right to resist!”

USM organizers handed out flyers for the Days in Solidarity With African People campaign and talked to many North Americans about our outrage and how we can truly contribute to real change following the verdict.

We call on you to channel your anger and frustration into action – principled action under the leadership of the African working class struggling to put an end to the system that murders Africans like Trayvon on the streets of this country every 28 hours and more. The system is guilty!
Watch USM National Chair explain why and how we can take a genuine stance of solidarity:
[flickr video=9305009814 show_info=true secret=e47634962d w=400 h=225]

Join the struggle to reverse the verdict of imperialism. Take the first step by Taking the Pledge of Solidarity with African People, sign your name, leave your statement, send us your picture and we’ll post it online. Become a sustaining member of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, and build the “Days in Solidarity with African People” in your area. We can meet with you, give you training and materials. Reparations Now! Uhuru!

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