No matter the verdict, the system is GUILTY!


No matter the verdict for Zimmerman, it’s the system that is GUILTY.

No matter the verdict, justice will not be won until the constant war waged in the African community in US and around the world is put to an end. As Chairman Omali Yeshitela said, the system that murders Trayvon Martins all over the country every single day must be stopped! The Uhuru Solidarity Movement recognizes that Zimmerman murdering Trayvon was an act of unity with what the State does to African people on a daily basis. It was a continuation of centuries of colonial violence by the state and white people in general against the African community.

We understand that the court system functions in the interest of the parasitic system that supports constant policing of the African community, imprisoning millions of African people, and sustains the funding of cops to carry out murders of African people every 28 hours. We have no faith in the court system or the system of parasitic capitalism that carries out these acts of genocide in the U.S. and around the world.

We call on those who unite with  this message and recognize that the only way to overturn this system is to stand in solidarity with African people; we say no justice, no peace! We support the resistance of African people unite with their demand for reparations. We call on you to Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People to make it clear that we do not unite with these vicious, violent tactics of stealing resources, lives and genocide.

By taking the Pledge of Solidarity with African Peoplee are turning the stolen resources in our communities back to the African Liberation Movement which is building economic development and self-determination on their own terms. Taking the Pledge of Solidarity with African people is a real, material way to overturn this parasitic relationship, and we must unite with the struggle for peace and justice by leaping off the pedestal of slavery and genocide from which we have benefited for hundreds of years. Until we take this leap, we are sitting back, silently allowing for these injustices to continue in our name.

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement, working in solidarity under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party, calls on you to take a stand on the side of African people. We are actively organizing in US and calling on people across the world to Take the Pledge of Solidarity NOW, and build for the Days of Solidarity with African People this October.

Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party, Omali Yeshitela, puts it clearly in this speech :

[youtube=] To get more analysis straight from the understanding of the African working class, read “Justice for Trayvon Martin! Zimmerman Trial Begins” on Uhurunews.Com

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement will be in Sanford today as the International People’s Democractic Uhuru Movment that is leading a demonstration to demand Justice for Trayvon Martin!

Organizers will be reporting back about the demonstration with more in-depth discussion- Be sure to TUNE IN this Sunday at 1PM on “Reparations in Action” radio show- online anywhere through

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