JAIL George Zimmerman! FREE Lynne Stewart!

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement is participating in two important demonstrations on Friday, happening into two areas of the country- demanding justice for Trayvon Martin in Florida and demanding the release of Lynne Stewart in Washington D.C.

As the country watches George Zimmerman on trial for murdering African teen Trayvon Martin, Lynne Stewart is in prison, on the verge of dying from cancer because medical treatment is being withheld. Lynne Stewart has fought for the rights of African and oppressed people, fearlessly in the courthouses of colonialism.  Lynne Stewart’s stance to fight for the rights of oppressed people represents a stance of solidarity. The U.S. Government imprisoned her on false accounts of aiding terrorist as an attempt to silence her struggle to defend oppressed people. We demand that Lynne Stewart be released! USM organizers will be demonstrating in Washington D.C. this Friday, and call on supporters to join us.

Demonstration to Free Lynne Stewart!
July 12 Friday, 5:30-8:30PM
at Columbia Heights Civic Plaza
14th St. & Park Rd. NW, WASHINGTON D.C.

At this same period , George Zimmerman should be imprisoned for murdering Trayvon Martin and according to the media,  Zimmerman is likely to walk. Over a year ago, George Zimmerman left his house armed with a gun,  and stalked Trayvon Martin as he was walking home from a convenient store. Regardless, of any way the trial has framed it, the story is clear: George Zimmerman, acting in the interest of a colonial state that wages constant war in African community, murdered Trayvon Martin pointe blank.  This act echoes the history of lynch mobs that have terrorized the African community,  and murder carried out every 28 hours by police.  We demand justice for Trayvon Martin! We call on others to attend this motorcade from St.Pete to demonstrate in Sanford, FL!

Demand Justice For Trayvon Martin
Motorcade to Sanford and Demonstration
Friday July 12
Leaving: 11:30am from Uhuru House
1245 18th Ave. S, St.Pete
Demonstration: Seminole County Courthouse
310 North Park Ave., Sanford, FL

If you can’t make it in person, you can still show your support by Taking the Pledge of Solidarity.

As Lynne Stewart said in her most recent letter:

“…We must show them that I cannot be ignored, that YOU cannot be ignored.”

Fight On — All of Us or None of Us. An affront to one is an affront to all.”

This Sunday  TUNE IN ONLINE to
Reparations in Action
at 1:00PM EST on Uhurunews.com
To hear back from organizers about the demonstrations and deepen the discussion to understand the political significance of Lynne Stewart imprisonments and murder of Trayvon Martin.
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