Special Event: Overturning the Culture of Rape and Violence

Uhuru Solidarity Movement invites you to attend this special event. Thursday, April 25, 2013 @ 6 pm in St. Pete, FL at Awkaaba Hall, 1245 8th Ave S.

Why is sexual violence so prevalent in our society? What are the root causes of this “culture of rape”? How we can be a part of transforming a culture built on rape, oppression, slavery and genocide? With keynote presentations from Gaida Kambon – a veteran leader of the African Liberation Movement and Secretary General of the African People’s Socialist Party – and Penny Hess – author of Overturning the Culture of Violence and Chair of African People’s Solidarity Committee – this event will address these questions and show the way forward.

If you can’t attend in person this event will be available for viewing via Livestream and questions will be taken through chat. The event will also be broadcast on livestream.com/uhurunews

For more information email st pete@uhurusolidarity.org or call 727-683-9949.

overturning rape culture

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