USM hits the streets in Philly and St Pete – report back on today at 1pm Eastern

TODAY at 1pm Eastern, tune in to for “Reparations in Action,” the weekly program of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, the organization of white people and other allies working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party:

Organizing Solidarity with African resistance in Philly and St. Pete:

Jesse Nevel, Outreach Coordinator for the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, talks live with Harris Daniels and Jamie Simpson about their work in Philadelphia and St. Petersburg to organize white people in solidarity with African resistance.

Then, at 4pm Eastern on

THIS WEEK ON AFRICAN RESISTANCE NOW: “From Brooklyn to Botswana: Africans Must Resist!”
Sunday, March 17th @ 4PM EST ON INPDUM.ORG:

ARN (1)
Under Obama’s administration U.S. police forces wage war against the African community.  From Brooklyn to Oakland an African is killed every 36 hours by the police in this country.  16-year-old Kimani Gray of the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, NY was one of the most recent casualties of this war.  His neighborhood is one which is facing the ongoing threat of gentrification.  The police terrorize African youth there to protect the property of parasites who come to rob our community.
At the same time U.S. military forces wage war on Africa.  From Somalia to Libya to Ivory Coast, Africa is being robbed of its wealth and resources at gun point!  Just a few months ago the neo-colonial South African police massacred platinum mine workers who were on strike.
But Africans are fighting back!  Right now in Brooklyn Africans are rebelling against the NYPD.
This week’s episode of African Resistance Now will do the following:
1. Expose the colonial and brutal nature of the NYPD and all U.S. military forces
2. Raise up and defend the resistance
3. provide analysis on current situation in Brooklyn
4. Expose the ruling class media boycott of African resistance.
5. Mobilize maximum participation for INPDUM’s upcoming international convention, scheduled for March 23-24 in St Petersburg, FL
6. Develop strategy to win the power to defeat the NYPD and U.S. military forces who wage relentless attacks on the African community worldwide:
-Build Campaign for African Community Self Defense and Liberation
-Hold court for Black justice to put the state on trial
-Build Uhuru Law School to expose colonial, anti-African nature of the court and legal system
-Arm masses with revolutionary theory so the people fight for the power
What you won’t see on CNN – you WILL see on ARN!
To view ARN go to INPDUM.ORG
To register for the INPDUM Convention go to



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