USM demands “Justice for Trayvon Martin! Stop the war on the African community!” at USF Tampa (PHOTOS)


The Uhuru Solidarity Movement raised up the demand for Justice for Trayvon Martin at a powerful demonstration held at the University of South Florida by Tampa Bay Dream Defenders, Students for a Democratic Society and other organizations on February 26, 2013, the one year anniversary of the murder of Trayvon Martin by white nationalist vigilante George Zimmerman.

USM organizers Jesse Nevel, Johann Bedingfield and Jamie Simpson took a stand against the vicious war against African people, holding up signs with slogans such as, “Cops Kill Another Trayvon Every 36 Hours,” “Stop the War on the Black Community,” and “Reparations Now.”

Comrade Jesse delivered a statement at the podium on behalf of USM, calling on white people to take a genuine stand of solidarity with the rights of African people to resist the US government’s colonial war on Africans and oppressed peoples. “If we want to take a stand against this system, we have to unite with African resistance!”

trayvon 2Due to the excellent organizing efforts of comrades Johann and Jamie, nearly half of the demonstrators at the Trayvon Martin rally went home with a copy of the February issue of The Burning Spear Newspaper in their hands. The Spear is the official newspaper of the African People’s Socialist Party that provides news, views and analysis from an anti-colonial African working class perspective.

A major part of our work as white people in solidarity with African resistance is to amplify the revolutionary voice of the African working class into the homes, communities, and college campuses of the North American or white community.

We call on you to join us for the USM study of The Burning Spear is going to be held on Thursday, March 7th, 7:30pm at St. Pete Community Acupuncuture, 14 18th St. S.

Below is the text of the statement delivered on behalf of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement:

Justice for Trayvon Martin, USF Tampa, 2/26/2013

Uhuru! My name is Jesse Nevel, I am a member of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement, an organization of white people and other allies working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party. We organize in solidarity with the struggles of Africans and all other oppressed peoples for self-determination and liberation.

540768_591369094224644_874739700_nWe are here to stand with you in unity with the demand for justice for Trayvon Martin.

We are here to demand an end to the war against the black community that rages on the streets of North America every single hour of every single day – not only in the form of the killings by police and vigilantes, but in every area of life.

We recognize that this problem goes deeper than racism. We can change the thoughts in our heads, but that will not change the material conditions of colonial oppression faced by African people in this country.

We recognize that there are two realities experienced in America – the reality of opportunity, wealth and comfort enjoyed by the white population at the expense of the reality of war and terror against the African, Mexican and Indigenous populations which experience colonialism inside this country and a counterinsurgency carried out by US military forces no different than those employed against the people of Afghanistan, a counterinsurgency so brutal that the Los Angeles Police Department trains U.S. troops for counterinsurgent operations in Afghanistan.

Africans live under the gun of this colonial system fueled by constant war from every angle – abject poverty, massive disparities in healthcare and housing, denial of access to quality education, mass incarceration, and economic exploitation.

White households possess 20 times the wealth of African households and 18 times the wealth of Mexican families inside the U.S.

trayvon4Nearly 40 percent of all black children inside the US live in poverty and one in four African households struggles just to put food on the table.

1 out of 8 prisoners in the entire world is an African man locked up inside the colonial dungeons of the US prison system, where they are subject to hideous conditions of torture no different from what the occupied people of Iraq and Afghanistan endure in the US detention centers of Bagram and Abu Ghraib.

There are over 1.5 million Africans stuffed into the US prison system. This country has the largest prison population on the planet and over HALF of those imprisoned are black. At the same time, the prison industry has spawned countless jobs and spin-off businesses providing economic stimulus for rural white communities.

On the streets of this country the police function as a colonial occupying army in the black community. Every single day in this country young African people such as Oscar Grant, Jordan Davis, Tyron Lewis, Marquell McCullough, Javon Dawson, and Aiyana Jones are gunned down in cold blood by the police.

Another Trayvon Martin is being shot down right now as we speak. In fact, a black man, woman or child is murdered by police, security or white vigilantes every 36 hours in this country.

We in the Uhuru Solidarity Movement say that as white people, we must take responsibility for our legacy of complicity and active participation in the colonial oppression of African people. We refuse to stand by idly while the US government carries out genocidal wars in the US and across the world in our name and for our benefit.

TRAYVON1If we want to take a stand against this system, we have to unite with African resistance! African people have a right to RESIST!

Just like the people of Iraq, Palestine, Syria and Libya have a right to resist, Africans inside the US have the right to resist – by any means necessary. Africans have a right to build organized resistance to achieve true justice and liberation on their own terms.

So we say Justice for Travyon Martin! Reparations to the black community! Not another black life destroyed by this vicious system for our benefit! We stand in solidarity with the African community’s right to build organized resistance, and we call on you to join us on March 23-24 in St. Petersburg, FL for the international convention of the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, called “One Africa! One Nation! Build revolutionary organization to protect and defend our own.”


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