“Why we sell The Burning Spear newspaper” – tomorrow on UhuruRadio.com, 1pm Eastern

The Burning Spear Newspaper – the voice of the International African Revolution, the longest running Black Power newspaper in existence

Don’t miss this Sunday’s episode of “Reparations in Action” – the online radio show of the African People’s Solidarity Committee, the organization of white people and other allies working under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party in solidarity with the struggle for African liberation and reparations.

Tomorrow (Sunday, 2/3) on “Reparations in Action” on UhuruRadio.com at 1pm Eastern time, African People’s Solidarity Committee members will discuss the significance of The Burning Spear Newspaper, “voice of the International African Revolution”, in organizing white solidarity with Black Power.

Jesse Nevel and Stu Becker will recount their experiences bringing The Burning Spear Newspaper to the white community and give pointers on how you can become a seller of The Burning Spear Newspaper in your area, no matter where you are located.

Also we will be playing a historical audio recording of Chairman Omali Yeshitela speaking on the history and significance of The Buring Spear Newspaper from a presentation given on December 18th, 1987 in the Uhuru Bakery Cafe in Oakland, California. Get your copy of the latest issue of The Burning Spear Newspaper today!

Also, right after “Reparations in Action,” don’t miss the meeting of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement national convention committee from 2-3! Click here for more information on how you can join the work to build for the upcoming national convention of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement.

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  • The existence of APSC enabled the Party and the Black Revolution to win back some of our stolen resources and to build a genuinely revolutionary force within the white population which could provide solidarity with the Black Revolution in the U.S. and around the world and help to isolate and encircle the U.S. government.

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