Lynne Stewart Action Alert! Demand Immediate Medical Treatment for Imprisoned Activist!

Lynne Stewart’s Breast Cancer Spreading, She Needs Immediate Medical Treatment

Uhuru News Editor’s Note: Lynne Stewart, a lawyer who has for decades staunchly defended national liberation activists and political prisoners is herself now a political prisoner for doing so.

We call on all readers of Uhuru News to defend her.
From Betty Davis, New Abolitionist Movement.
It is urgent that you listen to the audio email below.
It is  the latest update  from  Ralph Poynter,  Mya Shone  &  Ralph Schonmann about Lynne Stewart’s fate in prison.
Lynne Stewart’s breast cancer is spreading to her lungs and shoulders.
She needs immediate treatment NOW.
The prison authorities have known this since September.
We are also in the process of launching her appeal to the Supreme Court. The deadline is February 21, 2013.
All we are asking for in support is that you:
  1. Listen to the audio below and update yourself on the facts. Check out the website as well.
  2. Write a letter of support to:Lynne Stewart – 53504 – 054
    FT. WORTH, TEXAS 76127You don’t have to write the prison authorities because they read everything we send and tell her so.
  3. Send this email out to all your listservs, especially to LAWYERS because we are asking all lawyers to support her cert (a request for the Supreme Court to hear her case).
  4. When it comes to the oppressed, there is no such thing as law or justice.  Therefore, the movement determines the argument before the courts. Not this myth of justice before the law. We need attorneys who understand this and understand that Lynne Stewart was one of the very few attorneys who understood this. She never had her political prisoners surrender their right to self defense or self determination.  In her trial when questioned she still defended this human right and her right to give her clients the best defense possible.  When she was re sentenced from 28 months to ten years, one of the reasons was that she showed no remorse. She does not feel remorse for defending the Bill of Rights, therefore, we should defend her and all political prisoners.
To listen to the report, go to:128 kbps version (hi fi): kbps version (lo fi):

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