Urgent Call-In: Solidarity With African Family’s Struggle Against PA Hospital Forcing Morphine on Baby Dillen!

The Uhuru Solidarity Movement is in unconditional solidarity with the African People’s Socialist Party, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement, the Black is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations, and the African community’s right to defend itself against State attacks like the attack summed up below on Baby Dillen Nelson in Philadelphia, PA.  African people suffer the worst conditions under colonialism  and throughout this parasitic capitalist system get the worst treatment in health care, education and economic development, while suffering attacks by terroristic police and white nationalist, colonial State apparatus. We support the Nelson family’s right to refuse the deadly narcotics the Pennsylvania Hospital doctors and staff are forcing on their newborn baby Dillen, and call for an immediate end to the attacks on African women and families by the State NOW!

Call in and participate in the demonstration – for more info, contact Uhuru Solidarity Movement in Philadelphia at:  philly@uhurusolidarity.org or call 267-571-9762.

PA Hospital still holds African baby hostage-forced morphine “treatment” continues! InPDUM/Black is Back Coalition calls for Jan 11 demonstration!

InPDUM International Office via Philadelphia

Published Jan 7, 2013 on UhuruNews

Philadelphia, PA—On Friday, January 11 from 11:30-1:30pm, the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) will join forces with the Black is Back Coalition and its Healthcare Committee to hold a demonstration outside of Pennsylvania Hospital.

The demonstration will apply more pressure on Pennsylvania Hospital regarding the case of Baby Dillen Nelson.

Last week, the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement reported on the case of Jade Nelson and her newborn son Dillen. The case involves Pennsylvania Hospital injecting lethal amounts of morphine into Baby Dillen, against the family’s permission, for the past several days.

The full article on the Baby Dillen struggle can be seen here:http://inpdumresistance.wordpress.com/2013/01/02/defend-baby-dillen-from-pennsylvania-hospital-resist-chemical-warfare-against-african-women-and-children-2/

This morphine “treatment” has been forced on Dillen. Since first hearing of Baby Dillen’s case, InPDUM immediately sprung into action, calling for an international call-in to PA Hospital.

InPDUM members and supporters from around the world have been calling—having a clear impact on the confidence of the criminals who are running PA Hospital.

Despite the effectiveness of our calls so far, Pennsylvania Hospital continues its attack on Jade Nelson, her son Dillen and her entire family.

The hospital uses armed security guards to follow Jade and her mother’s every move.

Despite talks between the family and chief medical officer, Daniel Feinberg, and patient and guest services supervisor, Katie Buek, the hospital still refuses to allow Jade’s family to visit.

Not even Dillen’s father can visit. He is mortified as he hasn’t seen his newborn baby in several days.

The hospital continues to refuse to release Dillen to another hospital and has continued the aggressive and unnecessary injection of a poisonous, highly addictive opiod to the infant against his mother’s wishes.

As a result, the family has obtained legal counsel in an effort to save Dillen’s life.

Despite legal representation, the hospital has not curbed its aggressive behavior toward Jade and her family.

This should be a time of great happiness and joy, but Pennsylvania hospital has created a nightmare for this family.

Call to Action

In support of the struggle to save Baby Dillen, InPDUM is calling on everyone to do the following

1.    Call and email the Pennsylvania Hospital officials (listed below) and demand they release Dillen into his mother’s custody, and stop these aggressive unwarranted actions against this family. Also, feel free to email the family and pledge your support of their effort to save this beautiful baby boy

Dir. Daniel Feinberg (chief medical officer) 215-829-7556

Dr. Michael Buckley (executive director) 215-829-3433

Mary Del Guidice (director of nursing) 215-829-5177

Dr. Jeffrey Gerdes (doctor who prescribed the morphine injections)

Katie Buek (patient and guest relations manager) 215-829-5663

2.    Attend the demonstration outside of Pennsylvania Hospital:


When: Fri, Jan 11 from 11:30-1:30PM

Where: On public sidewalk across the street from Pennsylvania Hospital main entrance.


For more info contact InPDUM at: 215-459-7551, or the Black is Back Coalition Healthcare Group at 202-681-7040

3.  SIGN THE Petition:


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