Successful Uhuru Health Forum to End the Disparities in Philly Builds Mass Health Committee!

Uhuru Solidarity Movement co-sponsored a successful community forum with the African People’s Education & Defense Fund (, the African-led 501c3 nonprofit organization founded by the Uhuru Movement with the mission of Defending the human and civil rights of the African community and addressing the grave disparities in education, health and economic development in the African community.

Uhuru Solidarity Movement stands in unconditional solidarity from the white community with the African-led health programs of the African People’s Education & Defense Fund, specifically built under the leadership of APEDF to address and end the grave disparities in health — along with education and economic development — in the African community!  

We know that while we in the white community can expect to have unfettered access to medical care, and white women in the U.S. and Europe take for granted that their children will be born healthy and with no harm to the mother or baby, African people inside the U.S. and around the world suffer the worst conditions of health due to colonialism and the violence of the poverty and war imposed on their communities by the system of parasitic capitalism. There is no other way to explain the fact that maternal and infant mortality rates in West Philadelphia are as high as in Sierra Leone, West Africa: It is Colonialism, and we stand against it!

We support the solution by the people – health programs that address the need in the African community for a complete rejection of the colonial health system that is all about making money for doctors, hospitals and drug companies, and a return to embracing the grassroots, community-led holistic health practices that African people invented and developed in the world’s first advanced civilizations. African people know how to take care of their own health, and the health experts in Philadelphia who came into the work building the Uhuru Health Fair & Flea Market have committed to leading programs in the African community in Philly that will benefit the entire city.  This is just one of many amazing developments that the Uhuru Movement and APEDF have led!

Uhuru Solidarity Movement supports this 100% and calls on everyone in the white community to join us as we build solidarity with African self-determination, liberation and reparations! JOIN USM!

On January 6-8, 2013, the African People’s Solidarity Committee will hold our annual conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, at the Uhuru House, the international headquarters of the African People’s Socialist Party.  Organizers from around the world will convene in St Petersburg where Chairman Omali Yeshitela will be leading political education on our role as white people in solidarity with African Liberation. The conference will also sum up the work of APSC in the past year and lay out plans for our work in this upcoming period. For more information please email: or contact

MCs Janus and Tina lead the program

Community Forum to End Health Disparities Initiates Free APEDF Health Programs in Philly!

The African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) and Uhuru Furniture (UFC) Philadelphia want to thank everyone who participated in our successful community forum
“Health Disparities in Philadelphia Must End!”on Wed. Nov. 14 at the Uhuru Solidarity Center.

Get involved! Next meeting: Wed. Nov. 28th 7-8:30 PM @ Good Karma Cafe, 928 Pine Street

This event was an off-shoot of the September Uhuru Health Fair and Flea Market and another step toward making ongoing free APEDF health programs a reality in this city.

These self-determination health programs are designed to make resources available to the underserved and over stressed African community in Phila. which, as many of our speakers so eloquently expressed, are forced to wait months for an appointment in a health clinic, have the 2nd highest rate of hunger in the U.S., the highest

rate of imprisonment in the U.S.  and the least access to fresh healthy food of any major city.

Dr Michelle Strongfields’ dynamic powerpoint

This leads to the highest rates of infant mortality, cancer, stroke, diabetes, HIV, and early death from curable diseases.

The program was opened by two dynamic MCs Janus Bryant, UFC Donations Administrator and Tina Mouzone, UFC Business Relations Developer. Our first presenter was from APEDF’s sister nonprofit the All African People’s Development and Empowerment Project (AAPDEP) and IAMM Science Education. Dr. Michelle Strongfields talked about Africans organizing for real solutions. The next speaker was our new friend Wadiya Gooden from Vetri Foundation For Children, an organization that makes healthy school lunches for $1.50 per child.

Alex Brown, our partner from LIFT

Alex Brown from LIFT, a close partner in the Uhuru Health Fair, talked about how people can create their own programs and committed to working on the APEDF health programs.

Alison Hoehne, UFC manager brought a multi media presentation about all the exciting projects and developments APEDF is leading throughout the country and called on everyone to get involved.

Our favorite singer Tina moved the room with a beautiful acapella song. Ronn Ross from Foundations Fitness Chair Exercise and Malik Wilson from Yoga with Malik spoke movingly about the work they do as African men trying to solve health problems in their community through bringing nutrition and exercise programs to the African communities. Both Malik and Ronn have committed to leading free health workshops with APEDF in 2013.

Harris Daniels of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement

Harris Daniels of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement called on the white community to actively support African self-determination. Dr. Strongfields put herself forward to lead a children’s program at the Solidarity Center this summer.

Other attendees also committed to partnering with APEDF including Nikos president of Refugee Health Partners who brought the blood pressure, blood sugar and eye testing to the Uhuru Health Fair.

Almost everyone who came said they wanted to participate in some way in building APEDF programs including UFC volunteers Aaron and Jabril, Dyana Reid and Theda Parker from Turning Points for Children who contributed so much to the Uhuru Health Fair. These are the people who are making real change in Phila. And you can be part of it too!

This event was so successful, because it was not a talk fest, we said we’d put free APE

DF health programs on the ground and with your help we are doing it!

Malik Wilson – Yoga with Malik
Ronn Ross – Foundations Fitness Chair Exercise
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