Uhuru Pies! Order Now – Support Programs for Self-Sustaining Economic Development in the African Community

Uhuru Pies! Order Now – Support Programs for Self-Sustaining Economic Development in the African Community

Order your Uhuru Pies now!  Delicious Uhuru Pies are handcrafted and baked fresh with the best natural ingredients. Gourmet flavors Apple Crumb, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Pecan and Chocolate Pecan 9” deep dish pies are available November 9-21, 2012. $8-20.

The annual Uhuru Pies campaign supports African community economic development programs of the non-profit, tax-exempt African Peoples Education and Defense Fund (APEDF).  Order online www.uhurupies.org. If you’re in St Pete/Tampa Bay Area, contact us by phone 727-498-5210 or by email stpetepies@uhurufoods.org.  If you’re in Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, contact us by phone at 800-578-5157 or email oakland@uhurupies.org.

Pie tastings are available for organizations, companies and groups. Volunteer opportunities available to bake, promote and distribute Uhuru Pies.

“Buying an Uhuru Pie means more than simply bringing home dessert to your family for the holiday season. Uhuru Pies represent economic development for black communities based on self-determination and self-reliance. The simple act of selling and buying Uhuru Pies helps to overturn the disparities in this country.” – Wendy C.

The 2012 Uhuru Pies campaign supports programs of the African People’s Education and Defense Fund (APEDF) including:

Youth FitCamp, Fitness Center and Wellness Program to improve individual and collective health, addressing obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other critical health epidemics.

Halloween Haunted House and Festival provided a safe and fun environment for community youth

Community commercial kitchens being installed in the Uhuru House African community centers in St. Petersburg, FL and Oakland, CA which address the economic crisis severely impacting the black community by providing a professional facility for community-based bakers, cooks and caterers to develop products, vending and catering businesses; the kitchens will also incorporating nutrition and cooking classes, video productions, and backyard/collective gardens.

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