Warsaw, Poland’s first-ever “Day in Solidarity with African People” a success!

A video of a presentation by Chairman Omali Yeshitela with Polish subtitles, shown at the first-ever Day in Solidarity with African People held event in Warsaw, Poland

Note: The following is a report submitted by the Organization of Red Guards of Poland, who recently organized the first-ever Day in Solidarity with African People in Warsaw, Poland and raised 100 dollars in material solidarity towards the programs of the African People’s Socialist Party.

On October 27, 2012, the Organization of Red Guards organized the first, historic Day in Solidarity with African People in Warsaw, Poland.

The struggle to organize the Polish DSAP began a month earlier with strong propaganda work. The Polish left movement had never heard about the Uhuru Movement and ideas of African Internationalism, so we feel that we need to introduce them. We put all our resources to that work, and started putting up posters and distributing leaflets. We also made several videos and wrote several articles on topics related to African Internationalism and Day in Solidarity with African People.

We experienced a boycott on the part of the White Left. The Polish so called left is very dogmatic and has a close-minded approach. We tried to engage various Marxist organizations with the idea of Day in Solidarity with African People, but our efforts were without result. They were terrified of the idea of reparations owed to African and other oppressed peoples due to the fact that the wealth of all Europeans – proletariat and bourgeoisie alike – was accumulated through exploitation of oppressed people and mainly of slavery and exploitation of African People. The only organization which engaged with us, Progressive Youth of Poland, quickly withdrew because they stated that we offended Karl Marx by calling his ideology eurocentric and racist.

But despite this we fought to organize Day in Solidarity with African People because we knew that this is right thing to do. We knew that it is our responsibility as White People, as African Internationalists and as revolutionaries. The responsibility of white people is to stand on the side of oppressed nations of the world. We are part of the problem, but we need to be part of the solution.

We gathered on October 27 in Warsaw to celebrate the Day in Solidarity with African People. Fifteen people attended our event. Our DSAP started with a speech by Comrade Rask Hetmański, Chairman of Organization of Red Guards. He talked about the duty of the white people to take the stand of solidarity with African People, and about the superiority of Yeshitelism over Marxism. Yeshitelism or African Internationalism helps us as white people see the world through the eyes of oppressed for the first time, while Marxism is a eurocentric, white power ideology. We can build better future only with real solidarity with oppressed people, only guided by Yeshitelism. This is the only way to worldwide socialism.

Comrade Rask’s speech was an introduction to the video of Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s speech. We translated a speech from US Day in Solidarity with African People. Everyone listened, focused to every word of Chairman Omali Yeshitela’s speech.

After the video there was time for summation. Comrade Rask spoke about white left’s boycott, and that nonetheless polish Day in Solidarity with African People was a success. Even with one person this will be a success because it would be one person more on the side of African Revolution and against imperialism. We all took the Pledge of Solidarity with African People and gave our small contribution to the cause of African People in the form of reparations.

This concluded Day in Solidarity with African People in Warsaw, Poland. Although this was the first one, it will certainly not be the last one. Organization of Red Guards wants to be on the right side of history – on the side of oppressed. We want to help the struggle of African People to build a better future. Uhuru!

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  • Uhuru Kongo!

    I unite with this statement! The liberation of African people and other colonized people will be our(white people) liberation as well. We will have our humanity back in this new world led and built by the African working class!

    Johann Bedingfield
    African People’s Solidarity Committee and Information and Education Chair of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement

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