Days in Solidarity with African People: Take the Pledge of Solidarity for Truth, Justice, and Reparations!

The following article from the African People’s Solidarity Committee appeared in the latest issue of The Burning Spear Newspaper, available for purchase here.

Days in Solidarity with African People – Take the Pledge of Solidarity for Truth, Justice, and Reparations!

What does it mean when everything you thought you knew about the relationship between white people and African people is wrong?

As the crisis of imperialism deepens, Africans and other oppressed peoples around the world are voicing loud and clear that not another African life will be destroyed by police, prisons, and poverty so that white people can enjoy the highest standard of living on the planet.

Africans want their freedom and nothing is going to stop them from reclaiming it.

The “Days in Solidarity with African People” (DSAP) campaign is bringing this powerful and inspiring message of Black Power and African Liberation into the living rooms, communities, campuses and computer screens of the white population.

DSAP is an international fundraising and action campaign of the African People’s Solidarity Committee and Uhuru Solidarity Movement, the organizations of white people and other allies of African liberation that work under the leadership of the African People’s Socialist Party.

This year’s DSAP theme is “Facing the Truth About Racial Injustice, How White People Can See the Future Through the Eyes of the Oppressed.”

National Chair of Uhuru Solidarity Movement, Stephanie Midler, said, “The African People’s Socialist Party is calling on us to take this campaign out to white people and get them involved in this process. This is the role that we need to play in joining Africans and other oppressed peoples’ resistance to imperialism. This resistance didn’t start in Tunisia and Egypt. This started 500 years ago with Africans and Indigenous people resisting colonialism and exploitation and genocide. This is our opportunity to take a stand and play our role by going into our own communities and participating in reparations.”

Organizers in at least 9 states throughout the US as well as Canada and Poland are engaged in outreach in the white community, building fundraisers and events that show how white people can take a stand in solidarity with the African community’s struggle for control over their own land, labor, and resources.

DSAP is about supporting the African community’s demands to end police containment of their communities, police and vigilante murder, targeted harassment campaigns like stop and frisk, and economic assaults on their community.

Based on the recognition that all white people sit on the pedestal of the oppression of African people, the cornerstone of the DSAP campaign is reparations, material solidarity with the struggle for African Liberation. Members and supporters, veterans and newcomers alike are taking the pledge of solidarity with African people and making donations of reparations towards the overall goal of raising 14,000 dollars towards the revolutionary anti-colonial programs of the African People’s Socialist Party.

“This campaign is about transforming the consciousness in the white community, winning our friends, family and co-workers to take the pledge of solidarity with African people,” said USM Chair Midler.

This campaign will culminate in events during the month of October in Oakland and San Diego, CA, Philadelphia, PA , St Petersburg FL, and Warsaw, Poland. The events are a unique opportunity for the white community to hear from the leaders of the African Liberation Movement including keynote speaker, Chairman Omali Yeshitela, the founder and leader of the Uhuru Movement and author of dozens of books and pamphlets such as “Quotations from Chairman Omali Yeshitela.”

The events will also feature Penny Hess, the Chair of the African People’s Solidarity Committee and the author of Overturning the Culture of Violence. Chairwoman Hess has been in the trenches organizing in solidarity with African Liberation for over three decades, as one of the founding members of APSC which was created by the African People’s Socialist Party as a strategy to bring white people under the leadership of the African Revolution in the struggle against colonialism.

“Our mission, our work is and always has been to win in the white community that the struggle of African people is not against racism, the ideology in the heads of white people or anybody else. It is for political power. It is against a political manifestation of imperialism known as colonialism in which an oppressor nation gains power militarily, economically, and politically over another people for profit, for the benefit of the oppressor nation,” said Chairwoman Hess.

“It’s so easy to talk about racism because you don’t have to do anything, you just examine your thoughts and see how foul they may be indeed, but the thing that this is about is changing the relationship of African people to the colonial domination by the US government or by European governments around the world. This informs African people, and it also informs us about what we have to do. It informs us that we have to go into the white community to organize other white people just like ourselves to break our allegiance from the US government, the oppressor nation, and jump off the pedestal that we sit on at the expense of everybody else, and join in solidarity with African people as the future of this planet.”

Join the Days in Solidarity with African People campaign!
Bring DSAP to your community!
Join African people and the rest of humanity in the struggle for justice and reparations!
Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People!

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  • Respect & Greetings,

    I’m glad to have recently learned, through the San Diego World Beat Cultural Center, of the presence of the Uhuru Solidarity Movement. It seems to be a well refined form of some of the abstract visions that myself and many dear friends have been expressing through word and art since our hearts and eyes have taken in the light of Our present day situation. I’m now living in Portland, OR and was wondering if the organization had any sort of representation or correspondence here in the NW and/or if any future events are expected to arise in the region…
    In Peace,


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