Why Healthcare Workers Should Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People!

Why Healthcare Workers Should Take the Pledge of Solidarity with African People!

Julie Hovanyecz, member of Uhuru Solidarity Movement

by Julie Hovanyecz, member of Uhuru Solidarity Movement 

While we are all familiar with the parasitic, capitalist economy and the colonially oppressed African workers in the US and around the world, it is not hard to see that prejudice still exists even in the healthcare field. Mostly it is ignored or overseen by their white colleagues saying that these things only existed in the past. It is clear that African women work in more hazardous working conditions such as in the domestic services, hospitals and nursing home settings.

The majority of the nursing assistants in hospitals and nursing homes are still African women. While they face many prejudicial, racial attitudes at their workplace from management, colleagues and patients they also have the responsibility to raise their children, most of them on their own, since many of their fathers, husbands, and partners are unjustly locked down in the US prisons system.

Many of them report that as a black person they always have to think how to present themselves, can not relax, can not let their guard down and can not be comfortable because they have to worry about how they are perceived. They must deal with less, fewer rewards, lower wages and less opportunities for advancement. As African women, they are more likely to face fewer possibilities to be part of the leader and executive board. About 28% in the hospital workforce are African women, but fewer than 2% are in the administration or executive positions.

It is hard to face all these challenges for this group, but they must provide for their families. There has been very little change in the condition of African women throughout US history. This is why as a white healthcare worker, I take the pledge of solidarity with African people.  

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  • Thank you Julie for this statement. We can go on our jobs in our daily lives taking for granted the two realities we experience. Our benefits as white people,who always get a “leg up” and the African experience–those that pay the price.
    I appreciate your honesty. When we take the covers off, its liberating. We can live with integrity and work towards building a future in the interests of all humanity.
    Uhuru, Kitty

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